Raspberry Pi3 lircd.conf File

I’m now using an Rapsberry Pi3 with the latest OSMC (KODI Krypton).
I activate the IR Remote in the OSMC App and install the FTP app.
Because I use a Remote different from the ones I have in the OSMC App, and I want to copy my costume made lircd.conf file, to use my remote every time the RPi3 boot up.
I try to copy it over FTP to the /etc/lirc/ but I got and error.
Do you know how I can make this, please?

André Guerra

Don’t put it there. Just put it in ~/.kodi/userdata and use the option in MyOSMC to select that file specifically. If you put it in /etc/lirc/ it could possibly be overwritten by an update.

I can’t find that folder.
I try to copy over /usr/ and I got an error saying that I can’t copy there.
Where is located ~/.kodi/userdata ?


~ always indicates the home folder (/home/osmc/) of the user you are logged in as. The . preceding .kodi makes it a hidden folder. Just cd .kodi or if you are using some ftp client you may have to find some option that allows viewing hidden folders.

Here is a cheatsheet and some tutorials for how to navigate in a Linux shell: Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems

Thanks. It worked.
I copy it, and and is working!
Thank you very much!


Can you please test and report if you get multipresses from infared remotes while navigating into osmc application and trying to go to wireless settings?

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “multipresses”? Is pressing the “down” button, for example, and the cursor keeps go down instead of pressing down each time I want to move down? (don’t’ know if I express myself correctly).
If is that, it works. =)