Rbpi 3b+ Hard lock / freeze after June update

I’m experiencing hard lock / freeze especially when the system is idle (mostly but I’ve also seen crashes when tvheadend was running)

I didn’t have any issues before updating to the latest June update last friday

From the logs I think I’ve been able to pinpoint the time when the system starts hanging
There is a “osmc kernel: tvh:hdhm-disc: page allocation failure” happening (in the middle of the night)

Log here :

I’m using a WinTV-dualHD tuner (I think it’s powered by the Pi itself so no external power)
Again, I had no issue prior to updating

I do think I’m going to try to revert to an older kernel version like advised here :

But in the meantime if someone has further insight regarding this, that would be welcome too

Rbpi 3b+
June update

EDIT : from my observation, random crashes happen every 5/6 hours