[RC] speed issues for video playback after fast forward


I’m am using the RC version on RPi2. If during video playback I press the fast forward button (jump 30 seconds) a few ties in a row, then I am experiencing speed issues with the playback. After releasing the button the video plays slow motion for one or two seconds then switches to fast motion (if this word exists) for a second and only then resumes normal playback speed. I see this with multiple formats, but will check tonight if I see any pattern related to different files.
Is anybody seeing this?

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Are you holding down the fast forward button or just pressing it multiple times ?

What kind of remote do you have and how is it connected and configured ?


I am pressing it like three times in row in a very fast succession. The remote is from a Panasonic TV set and I am using CEC.

You might be being affected by an issue that can cause spurious repeat button presses when using CEC from a Panasonic TV, see the following comments:

This is something that will be investigated.


I am definitely seeing the repeat button presses as I wrote here

I was not aware that there is now a CEC delay/reat filter function available. I will test it this evening. Thanks for the hint.

Well, the bug is that the CEC delay/repeat settings that popcornmix describes are missing, but we will try to get that fixed soon.

the same thing happens to me when I press the fast forward button (also once) and i have the subtitles active. If I disable the subtitles everything goes right. I’m using the RC on RPi2.

I also had subtitles displayed. Will test this evening without them.

tested with some movies, problem appears only if subtitles are displayed.

Same here. Only happens with subtitles.