[RC2] Samba server low speed after update

Hey there,

I updated my RPi2 from rc1 to rc2 and my speeds with samba got really low compared to rc1 (from 10mb/s to 1mb/s). I resolved this issue editing the udisks-glue.conf and change to async instead of sync. I read online that using async it’s not recommended, so I am searching and asking for a better way to resolve this slow speed problem.

Maybe RC1 was using async mode and now sync? I dunno.

Anyone got this problem and know how to solve it? I would be grateful. :smiley:

I did indeed change the udisks-glue config to fix an issue with spindown. I’ll investigate this


I can’t say if it’s related, but I also experience low writing speed to external hdd attached to RPi2 either through SMB & FTP. (2.10 to 2.4 mb/s)

It looks like this was problematic before, but the settings were just never applied.


sudo nano /etc/udisks-glue.conf

Delete this line completely:

automount_options = {sync,noatime}

Afterwards, reboot your system with

sudo reboot


I just tried this but it didn’t seem to be of much help (still 2.6 mb/s at best) in my case. I’d be happy to run some others tests, you name them :slight_smile:

That was exactly the line I changed to “async”. Now I deleted that line and it still runs at high speeds (10mb/s).

Problem solved I suppose. Thanks. :wink:

Fixed and pushed. This is now available via an update

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I’ve just done new install of RC2 on RPI2.
Everything looks fine
Only thing I noticed strange was that Library Update for a Samba attached disk seemed to be very, very slow.
I guess this is the same problem.

BTW, the library update worked fine. Just took a lot longer than Alpha version.