Real standby mode available yet?


is there a real standby mode available yet for the Vero?
I am asking because I am using the slidwshow plugin as a screensaver which keeps running when I shut down my TV and prevents my NAS to hibernate at night.

What do you mean by “real standby mode”? According to OSMC's February update is here - OSMC it’s there for a year now.

But afaik the suspend mode just disables the HDMI output and the box - and therefore the screensaver - is still running in the background.

I was thinking about something like the standby of other things like TVs - where the box just sleeps, network is off, and a press on the Home Button wakes it up again.

A lot of users want to keep the network on.

We also clock down the CPU in to a more power efficient state and do a couple of other things. There is a UBoot suspend: but its wake up options are much more limiting


Hi Sam,

I am not too particular about the network, but want the screensaver to stop pulling images off the NAS all night long while the TV is long switched off.
So I thought, that switching off the network would be a good idea. But anything else that works is fine too.

EDIT: maybe network on/off while in standby could be an optional setting?

You could try to disable screensaver via which is called in case of suspend


I can see the way you point to at the other side of the river.
So how do I get there? :slight_smile:

Any idea what to edit in the file?

If you want to shutdown network when in standby, it’s possible. This example is assuming you are using wired connection, if wireless change eth0 to wlan0.

Open a ssh session to your OSMC-device, enter this command:

nano /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/

When you are in the text editor, paste the text below:

import subprocess[‘sudo’, ‘/sbin/ifconfig eth0 down’, ‘1’])

When you are done, press CTRL+x answer Y, then enter. This will save the file.

Then you repeat the process, with below information:
nano /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/

import subprocess[‘sudo’, ‘/sbin/ifconfig eth0 up’, ‘1’])

This is untested, but should work. And I don’t know what will happen in Kodi when your screen saver doesn’t get access to it’s photos.

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Thanks joakim_s,

this looks good, I will try it.

But regarding your concern about OSMC - you’re right, I can imagine the confused screensaver might just either switch to the fanart (as it did when the mount was not working properly last week) or it might also prevent the suspend mode.

So maybe shutting down the screensaver via the is the better option.

Maybe you can give the command for this too?

Here is a link to setting screensaver to none, via python, but it is not for beginners.

there is no import of the needed functins so my guess is that you need to insert:

import xbmc

before the lines the talk about.

What about that last post in the thread you linked to?
Does it mean I would not need the code presented in the beginning of the thread?

And yes, you already guessed it - I am a total beginner. :slight_smile:

Well, stopping the screensaver should be done when you wake it from standby, since it’s a key press that triggers the wakeup.

Not really a python and JSON guy, but my guess is something like this:

import xbmc
xbmc.executeJSONRPC('{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 0, "method":"Settings.setSettingValue", "params": {"setting":"screensaver.mode", "value":""} } ' )

import xmbc
xbmc.executeJSONRPC('{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 0, "method":"Settings.setSettingValue", "params": {"setting":"screensaver.mode", "value" : "screensaver.xbmc.builtin.dim"} }' )

Replace the name screensaver.xmbc.builtin.dim, with the name of your screen saver, or this command will set dim to your screen saver after wakeup.

to get you screensaver name, run this in ssh(all one line):

curl -s --data-binary '{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 0, "method": "Settings.getSettingValue", "params": {"setting":"screensaver.mode" } }' -H 'content-type: application/json;' http://osmc:osmc@

In order to get this to work you have to have enabled the webb service in Kodi,
Settings->Services->Control->Allow remote control via HTTP

  • port 8080
  • username osmc
  • password osmc


I can look into that, but I fear I do not even know where to start an where to put that code.
You would have to guide me through the process…

But, disabling the screensaver in suspend mode seems to me like a desired aspect of suspend mode - so maybe Sam can implement this as standard?

The screensaver should not pull images off the NAS, because it should not run. Have you checked this?

I have implemented the Suspend mode by implementing a fake screensaver which makes the screen black and puts the device in a low power state. This makes it easy to wake up with a keypress and restore the system state.

I see. How could I check this?

So if I understand you right, suspend mode should switch from the normal sc (slideshow) to the fake one?


Your NAS may have some access logs you could check. But these files shouldn’t be accessed because that screensaver won’t fire.


Sadly my post will net help the Thread Starter, but i would like to pick up his idea of adding an option to disable network when in Standby. I have 2 Vero devices at home, one for me and one for my father downstairs. Sometimes my father activates the Vero without realizing it and so my NAS Server is starting up all the time. If this happens i always have to go downstairs and check if he accidently turned on his Vero and shut it down again. If the network would be disabled at standby i could check if can acces his Vero via Network and if i can reach it i can shut it down via Kore for example. So it would be very nice to have an option to enable or disable network when in standby. Maybe this can be considered in a future Update?


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It depends on demand; and whether stopping and starting ConnMan is a good idea (it can cause other things to fail like update checks).
I don’t want to make the Settings part of Kodi have too many options.


I understand that Sam.
Could you please confirm if the suggestet Solution by Joakim_s will work or not?

Something I always find slightly annoying is that I have to press a button twice to get a picture when my 4K+ in suspend mode. I think the reason for that is that I use the Black screensaver, so the first button press brings it out of suspend mode but with the Black screensaver still active, and the second button press brings it out of the screensaver.

I can’t really see the point of it going into the screensaver while it’s suspended; and even if it does, it ought to exit both suspend and screensaver with a single button press.

Automatically disabling the screensaver while suspended seems like a feature most people would be comfortable with…?