Recommendations for GUI Refresh Rate?

I have the resolution set to 1080p.

Should I set the GUI refresh rate at 60 or 59.94 Hz?

60 is fine

If I see 29.97 FPS content, will Kodi switch refresh rates?

Doesn’t this boil down to if there’s more 29.97/59.94 content than 30/60 content out there?

Yes, it will switch refresh rates if properly configured. If you don’t want alot of refresh rate changing, set the GUI to the rate most common in your files.

My question was specifically referring to the combination of 60 Hz GUI and 29.97 FPS content. Does it switch or does it allow for frame drop since it’s so close to each other?

Just enable Adjust Refresh Rate.

It’s already on, but it’s the matter of minimizing GUI refresh rate switches. Unless there’s no switch between 59.94 fps and 60 Hz GUI or vice versa?

Ah, I see what you mean now. You’d like to avoid a black screen for a couple of secs. You can set to 59.97 then; but 23.976 would be more likely an appropriate setting unless watching lots of live tv

Mmm…not necessarily, it would be a choice of only 59.94 or 60 only, because I appreciate the high refresh rate GUI smoothness.

But’s just a matter of content being more available in 29.97 FPS (I think), rather than 30 fps.

What I was getting at is that this is moot if Kodi doesn’t do refresh rate switching between 29.97 fps content and 30 fps content.

Most content is 23.976.

Understood, and if the GUI is set at either 59.94 or 60, the refresh rate will change when Kodi detects 23.976 fps media.

What I’m trying to understand is does Kodi consider 29.97 and 30 fps media to be the same or different from a refresh rate perspective, and which media type (29.97 or 30) is more common?

No – all fractional modes are considered different.

23.976 will be the most common, so I’m not sure why you would set your GUI to 29.97 or 30Hz.

Because 59.94 / 60 Hz GUI is worlds smoother than 23.976 or 24 Hz.

AFAIK, Kodi doesn’t switch refresh rates on integer multiples, so 29.97 fps content would be played back at 59.94 Hz if the GUI is set to 59.94 Hz.

Nvm, I’m an idiot.

Maybe explain so others not make the same mistake

I thought youtube / Kodi didn’t switch refresh rate between 59.94 and 60 fps content, but there’s a clear 3 second delay, which is the delay I set when changing refresh rates.

I’m still confused after reading this thread. I watch mostly Blu-Ray and DVD rips, which are probably 23.976 fps. What should the refresh rate in OSMC skin settings be set at?

Also, I’ve always thought that most TVs didn’t support 23.976 fps natively and used a pulldown algorithm anyway. Is that not the case?

It doesn’t matter what this seeing is set at. It only applies to the GUI. Enabling Adjust Refresh Rate ensures that the media is played back at the appropriate refresh rate.

I set my GUI to match the refresh rate of my most commonly played media. This is because my projector (like most TV’s etc) always takes a few seconds to switch and this just reduces the need for it to switch.

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That is definitely not the case nowadays.