Red light of death Vero 4K+

I ran an apt update and upgrade and then a sudo reboot via ssh on my Vero 4K+. I know it completed successfully as I have a constant byobu (tmux) session. It never came back after this.

I had a USB hard drive plugged in (self-powered) and a wireless remote dongle. I’ve tried unplugging them, unplugging and replugging power with no success. I’ve even tried without the HDMI cable.

I use the power brick that came with the Vero, 5V 2A DC. I’m pretty sure there’s no warranty on my Vero as I won it in a giveaway :pray:.

EDIT: tried again with everything unplugged, it comes on fine. Plugged everything in, still golden. Reboot again, RLoD. Unplug, power, comes up.

Seems my power brick is going?

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thanks for the recipe (unplugging), cured my hour-long desperation , for ref