Redlight or f.lux?

If the system is built within​ Debian Jessie, how come I can’t install f.lux or redlight for ease on the blue light from the TV screen in my eyes? am I doing something wrong? is there a way to get it via Kodi add-ons or something else I can try if the options above are really unavailable?
thanks in advance for the help and congratulations on the working system. tried a lot of things in my Pi3 and nothing seems to fit like OSMC do.

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While this doesn’t answer the question why you can’t install it (my assumption would be not available for ARM).
But even if you could install it I doubt it would work as I assume it relies on X11 which Kodi is not using on OSMC.

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its more of a kodi question rather then a OSMC specific question, i thought of it myself might be worth bringing up at kodi forums under Feature Request

f.lux integration into Kodi has already been discussed in the Feature Request section back in Jan 2015

yet, they didn’t said or did anything more than the quality of photography on the movie picture.