Regarding Steamlink


So many of you guys know that Valve released a RPI version of steamlink

im working on an addon that will let you bootup steamlink for OSMC

been having a discussion with the developers of steamlink app for rpi and as soon as all the technical stuff is out of the way im gonna publish the launcher after some testing :slight_smile: shown Sam the launcher already just waiting on the fixes so you guys have to do minimal in order to play your favorite games on your OSMC installation

so buckle up cause im back :wink:

ps. this version will only be for raspberry but im having a discussion with the devs about multiple platforms and trying tog get em into contact with Sam

Steam link on vero

Well good things always come back


Back with a bang! Thanks for taking up this mantle @Toast - you’ve been missed.


Sam Lantinga a.k.a (slouken) from Valve released a new version that booted right up on OSMC, im currently the phase of debuging my code for the launcher but i can provide a pic to show steamlink running :smiley:

ps the steamlink has full support for the steamcontroller via bluetooth and wired controllers but you wont be able to run on wifi cause the rpi3b+ is to slow to handle the traffic resulting in framedrops and it doesnt have an quit button yet.

here is some stats from the first test on version

INFO: Streaming session complete, average network time: 5.17ms, stddev: 7.32ms, 0.56 percent frame loss, result: fair

This will probably improve over time as each new version of the steamlink app gets released.

Remember this is all beta stuff so please dont hassle @sam_nazarko over including stuff thats not even out of beta yet and for Raspberry Pi only.


So steamlink got a little bumb

Steam Link beta build 67
Changes in build 67

Added a warning if the experimental OpenGL driver is enabled
Smoothed the visual transition between the main menu and streaming

Changes in build 66

Added support for VirtualHere on Raspberry Pi (included with Steam Link, and your existing VirtualHere license purchased on Steam works)

Been talking to Valve about adding an exit button since it doesnt have that now so you cant exit back to kodi once its loaded.

Here is the launcher as promised

remember any issues about the launcher should be reported to github and any performance issues on steamlink should be reported to steam forums will NOT be handling issues on this forum since it often gets messy.


So apparently the exit button is broken in the current version your supposed to hit the back button on the controller and its supposed to show an exit dialog.


So i havent noticed anything off at all has anyone else some experiences they would love to share ?

here is the changelog from the recent builds

Steam Link beta build 680
Changes in build 680:

  • Added Latin American Spanish and Vietnamese language options
  • Added support for the upcoming Razer Raiju Mobile (wired)
  • Re-enabled streaming from Mac OS X Mojave (requires Steam Client beta dated 11/30 or newer)

Changes in build 679:

  • Added IPv6 netfilter modules (not enabled by default)

Changes in build 678:

  • Added IPv6 kernel modules (not enabled by default)


ok tnx for the tv update i guess :man_shrugging: