[Release] OSMC + Recalbox Dual Boot Images for Raspberry Pi

Hi all,

I have created some nice dual boot images for OSMC + Recalbox.

NOOBS Lite + OSMC + Recalbox
(Available for all Raspberry Pi versions)

Included in OSMC is a simple add-on that reboots into Recalbox.
Recalbox has also been setup to boot back into OSMC instead of it’s internal KODI version.

The changes to each OS are minimal (a basic add-on added to OSMC & custom.sh added to Recalbox).
This allows for updating either OS (manual or standard methods) without affecting the dual boot

Get the dual boot images here (video and written instructions available):

If you prefer Lakka instead of Recalbox, see my other post HERE

Enjoy :grinning:


Nice work

Many thanks, giving this one a go right now.

Chose this over Lakka, which one do you prefer?

Lakka is pretty amazing but still in heavy development.
But, it does work with the Pi3 built-in bluetooth (Recalbox doesn’t currently).

Try Lakka first, and see if it works with the emulators you use.
Worst case, you can just shift to Recalbox

Thank you, will give it a go try, just having a play with retrosmc right now.

Great work… Recalbox is fantastic with my dual 8bitdo controllers with no hassle setup … Followed your guide for mounting the game rooms in a Nas share too. Thanks!

Can you give a hand?
I like Recalbox 4.1 because was very easy to install my controllers (i think because use Bluez).
But… i dont like the kodi that give recalbox, i like more Osmc, so… i like this image you do, but…
how can i change the recalbox to version 4.1?
(the version 4.1 its unstable (but for me work greate)) https://archive.recalbox.com/updates/v1.0/unstable/
Can you guide me with this?

(sorry i dont talk english)


Just follow same blog post but choose “Recalbox-unstable” instead of “Recalbox” :slight_smile: