Remote battery latch sticking out and other issues (Vero 4K)


received my brand new Vero 4K yesterday. The installation went pretty smooth but there are a few issues I would like to get in the open (my biggest issue being nr. 3)…

  1. The remote refused to work (yes, I did remove the plastic sticker). After a few restarts and changing USB port it finally started to work… Weird.

  2. Shipped OSMC version was 2017.03-1, after manually upgrading to latest via “My OSMC” I was greeted by the sad smiley (this was the reason I switched to Vero 4K from RPi 3!) and the skin got reset to OSMC that is not my default.

  3. Regardless what I do the battery compartment latch sticks out (it being pushed up by provided battery) around 0.5mm from remote surface, this is really annoying since you can feel it (and see of course) while holding the remote and gives a bad impression to a premium 119£ product.

  4. Vero 4K comes with two 3.5mm connectors on the backside. There is no notion anywhere which is used for what (is only one of those headphone out or both, is one for IR extender - which one in that case?)

I have the same experience with nr 3 on your list (Vero 4k delivered in July) - the battery compartment latch is not a good fit on the remote and has fallen off a few times. The quality on the Vero 2 remote is much better.


Please search next time, three questions were already asked in the forums.

1 - remote not working:

2 - Sad face after update:

4 - 3.5mm jacks

Regarding the 3rd question, I’ll let @sam_nazarko answer that.

The one nearest the edge is for the IR receiver. The one nearest the LAN port is an AV jack. If you want to get analogue audio out, you must use a jack which has the ground on the sleeve, not the second ring. It’s called OMTP which is different from most cables afaict. The pinout is left-video-right-ground. I’ve not had much luck with analogue audio - I don’t think the ppl who make the SoC are very interested in it.

Thanks! 10 times better answer than the answer in thread linked above :slight_smile:
Looking forward to what Sam has to say regarding remote battery compartment being sub-quality

Yeah. I thought it a bit naff, it needs a different design so the corners get tucked in (or a weaker spring under the battery?)

I’m sorry that the battery compartment on the remote is defective. That’s certainly not normal. In the past month we’ve had another user affected by this issue; and when we do large runs small defects tend to show up at the same time.

If you PM me your order #, I can get a replacement remote out for you today. It would be great if you could take a couple of photos of the issue so I can make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.

They are the same remote. The housing and materials used are the same, with the exception of the IC after July 2016 which was changed to improve battery life and range.


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Order #8016, I am not able to PM or even find PM button (maybe because I just created a discourse account to report the issue?) I will post images to the thread as soon as I get back home from work.

I’ve got a replacement out for you in today’s post. So you should get it shortly (you know what Post Norde are like)


Yepp, PostNord :wink:

Nice to hear that it’s a defect that shouldn’t be there. I have sent you a PM with my order no and some images of the remote.

I will also send you a replacement. We would have done this sooner but I was not aware that your remote was faulty.

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Images of the issue as promised…

Cheers – your replacement remote has just been collected by the post. Once again, I’m sorry about this and hope the new one serves you better.


The replacement remote arrived today and it works fine.

Thank you for resolving this so quickly.