Remote control not registering some button presses

Hi all, hello Sam

Loving the Vero V and the ongoing support and updates!

I do have one issue though, that I’ve been living with since the beginning but for which I finally getting around to posting : it would seem that at times button presses are not acknowledged. It’s not just the one button, it can happen to any one. Sometimes I can press 4-5 and nothing will happen. Another button will instantly work and coming back to the other problematic button then works fine.

I vaguely remember reading up on some remote issues before purchasing the V ; I wonder if this could be what I am experiencing.

How should I go about solving this? It’s the only thing that I miss from my Vero4k+ which was flawless there.

Many thanks for the advice.

Sounds like you might need a new remote receiver. This has since been resolved.

Get in touch with me via with your order number and confirm your address is the same (or the new one) if it’s changed and I will send you a new receiver free of charge.

Ah superb, glad to hear it’s an easy fix anyway. It has been manageable but annoying at times.
I’ll get in touch via email, many thanks.

We will get it sorted. I probably won’t be able to reply until Monday but will have a new receiver sent to you by then.

When you get it, hold Home and OK buttons to repair the remote with the new dongle.