Remote control not registering some button presses


I found that I have same problem as was written here 101991

but I ordered my Vero V at

what is the best way to solve it?

thanks for reply

When did you order the device? We solved this problem some time ago.

Do you have any USB equipment attached?

Are you using the built in WiFi / Bluetooth?


  • I’ve made order 27.3.2024
  • around month I am using USB DAC as soundcard, but if I remember it correctly, this issue was without USB attached
  • not using wifi nor bluetooth

Is the soundcard USB3 based?

Can you provide the date on the warranty card?

hi - I’m also having the same issue with Vero V. Ordered directly from your site about 2 months back. Since day 1 about 15% of my button presses don’t register and I have to try 2-3x for it to work. I’m less than 6ft away from the device and have direct line of sight.
I have a 4 bay, hard drive caddy hooked up via the USB3 port. I had the same caddy hooked up to my Vero 4k which I had for 7 years and didn’t have this issue. I’m also using built-in WiFi (no network cable/LAN, port is disabled in settings)

I’ll try to switch over to the USB 2 port and see if issue persists or improves. But in the mean time are there any troubleshooting steps you’d like me to follow?

[Order #61150] (April 28, 2024)

This would ship with an updated dongle, so shouldn’t be the same problem. You could see: Improving remote performance - Vero V - OSMC.

Vero 4K doesn’t feature a USB3 port.

I dont think so, but I have it connected to USB2 on VeroV, (Topping e30 ii)

it is 30 AUG 2023

If you contact we can send you a new receiver