Remote control stopped working

That’s a shame. I’ve shipped your remote today.


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Remote recieved. It was the dongle.
I even used the “old” remote and it synced up just fine with the new dongle which came with the new remote.

Out of curiousity. Is it possible to just purchase dongle/remote reciever ?

Unfortunately not. Please be aware that although it is possible to use the old remote with the new receiver I think you will find that some keys and all long-press actions will not be functional without modifications to the OS.


How old is the remote? We don’t manufacture some older dongles but I can check if your dongle is still in production.

How do I find that out? I bought Vero 2nd hand

Does it have volume buttons on the old remote?

Yes, actually look identical to the new one

Presumably you would have some recourse with the seller if they did not state that the remote was not functional?

Unplug the new dongle and plug the old one back in. Reboot twice then upload logs from the My OSMC app. It will return a url that you will need to post here. This will allow us to see which model you have. The last two remote models look the same on the outside so there is not an easy visual indicator. For some reason I had it in my head you picked up an older style and the dongles for those are not available, and have bigger issues when paired with a newer dongle. The last two remotes can work fairly well with each other and I think will only have an issue if using something other than an English keyboard layout.

Seller reduced price due to non working remote.

Ah ok, thank you for the reply. Albeit, are newer dongles available for purchase ?

The dongles are not a item that are normally available for purchase, but from what I understand there are some stock of the last two models kept for warranty support purposes. You could send an email to and ask if they would be willing to sell you one.