Remote not working after May 2017 update

Okay. When you post logs we might have some clues as to what is going on.



Hi Sam,

Perhaps this one might need a new post but I’ll ask here anyway, and will remove if required.

After I noticed that the update broke my remote, I switched the memory card from my other rpi (not had update - and probably wont get it) to find that the remote still didn’t work. The only difference I can see is that the Firmware was updated, which may be related.

[quote=“sam_nazarko, post:5, topic:37293, full:true”]
The full dmesg output would be more helpful. [/quote]

The checkbox for Disable RC6 is not checked.

I’ve added “service eventlircd restart” for good luck, but unfortunately inserting those kernel modules does not help.

Here are my grab-logs for good measure:

Thanks. I’m looking in to this.

Can you try checking for updates and installing them and letting me know
if this resolves your remote issue?

It might take 25-30 minutes for the update to reach you.



I have installed the update, now running “OSMC May 2017 2017.05-2” but the situation did not change. Both the original remote and Logitech Harmony do not work. The USB keyboard still works fine.

I experience the same issue, did the following tests with various remotes:

  1. xboxone
  2. xbox360
  3. samsung remote
  4. MCE remote
  5. Harmony remote configured as MCE

NONE of the above is working at all

  • original RF remote works OK
  • Bluetooth Keyboard works OK
    I have installed the 2nd May update

It seems that all IR remotes are affected
Please fix this issue asap, updates are supposed to
improve things not destroy them.

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It would help if you provided the necessary information to resolve your problem. We are not sure
what hardware you are even using OSMC with.

You can of course reinstall / downgrade if needs be.

Sorry, I didn’t realize that I didn’t mention my device.
It’s a Vero 4K.
Not sure what else info you might need,
I have tested 5 IR remotes.
If I can help any further I’ll be happy to do so.


I believe this issue issue has now been resolved. You can update your device to receive a fix for this problem.

As you say, updates are meant to improve things, but occasionally there can be regressions. I’m grateful for your patience.

I have made a note on your account and applied a credit for any future order. Please let me know before you place your next order.



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Thanks Sam! My IR remote is now working gain. My original RF remote is still dead, but I think that is a different issue. I’ll open another thread for that.