Remote Suggestions for a Pi 2

I’m looking for something small and inexpensive to use my Pi 2 in the car running OSMC RC for my kids to watch movies.
I read elsewhere that this remote: is suitable for Rasbmc, but I’m not sure if it is suitable for OSMC.

This thread: USB remote not working on boot indicates it may work for a short time.

Can anyone suggest a remote that will work and is “inexpensive”?


I have several of these - recently bought more because the receiver element (not shown in your link, but has extendable ‘cord’ which may get to have dodgy connections) failed.
I’ve used them on raspbmc, osmc, pi1 pi1B+ and pi2B with no problems to speak of (apart from finding out how to use and configure them)

Not really sure if this is what you mean by ‘remote’, however here goes.
I use my LG smartphone and the android ap from
I’ve now got a PI 2 with OMSC Alpha 4 doing a super job in my living room on a flat TV as a media server and media player.
All is being controlled via my smartphone. however this is in my house and everything is on the homegroup network i,e, a router.

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Thanks dandnsmith, that’s great news.
Would you be willing to share the secret sauce for getting it to map to the pi2?

Sure - it’s no secret, and has been posted a few times.
You create a keyboard.xml file in /home/pi/.kodi/userdata/keymaps, and put in it <keymap> <global> <keyboard> <one mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key Pressed, Ctrl+Alt+one, 5)</one> <!--Green --> <f2 mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key Pressed, Ctrl+Alt+f2, 5)</f2> <!--Orange --> <two mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key Pressed, Ctrl+Alt+two, 5)</two> <!--Orange--> <three mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key Pressed, Ctrl+Alt+three, 5)</three> <!--Blue --> <four mod="ctrl,alt">reloadkeymaps</four> <!-- Yellow (helpful for testing this <f4 mod="ctrl,alt">reloadkeymaps</f4> <!-- Yellow (helpful for testing this file --> <f4 mod="alt">Close</f4> <!-- The [X] Button--> <o mod="ctrl">ContextMenu</o> <!-- The Open Folder button--> <tab>XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home)</tab> <!-- Tab --> <d>toggledebug</d> <e mod="meta">Info</e> <!-- The My PC Button --> <tab mod="alt">OSD</tab> <!-- The Multi-Window Button --> <return mod="alt">FullScreen</return> <!-- The Full Screen Button --> <f13>Mute</f13> <!-- Mute button --> <f14>VolumeDown</f14> <!-- Volume down button --> </keyboard> </global> <FullscreenVideo> <keyboard> <one mod="ctrl,alt">CodecInfo</one> <!-- Green --> <f2 mod="ctrl,alt">ShowSubtitles</f2> <!-- Orange --> <three mod="ctrl,alt">SubtitleDelayMinus</three> <!-- Blue --> <f4 mod="ctrl,alt">SubtitleDelayPlus</f4> <!-- Yellow --> <pageup>BigStepForward</pageup> <pagedown>BigStepBack</pagedown> <next_track>StepForward</next_track> <prev_track>StepBack</prev_track> <v>Mute</v> </keyboard> </FullscreenVideo> </keymap>
I think the comments tell you most of what you want - some of the entries are personalised/test of features.
I also have a personalised advancedsettings.xml to change from the default settings for BigStepForward and BigStepBack.
Ask if you have problems.

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Thanks very much for the keyboard file.
On the latest build it appears to live in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymap.

I discovered that having my keyboard plugged in disabled the remote so I threw caution to the wind and unplugged it before rebooting and the remote works!

Do you know of a way to map the Media buttons (Music, Movies, Pictures and TV) so they open up the appropriate folder within OSMC?

Other than that it works great!

Figured it out.
See for guidance.


Good for you on the mappings.
I’ve never found that I cannot have keyboard and remote together - in fact I regularly have keyboard, remote, and mouse all functional.
Possibly you have a limiting power situation.

Does the pointer/mouse-control-thing on the remote work in kodi as well?

Yes bo1e, I can use the trackpad to move the cursor on screen.