Remote unresponsive after update

I updated to whatever the latest version is, and after rebooting (twice) my Vero 4K+ starts ok, but there’s no response to the remote. The remote light does light up when I press buttons, and the remote worked fine when doing the update.

I downloaded Kore, but can’t login as I don’t think I’ve set up it as an allowed remote, and certainly don’t know the credentials.

What can I do to troubleshoot?

Have you tried re-pairing the remote?

I tried it by unplugging the dongle, pressing home and OK button so the light is constantly on, and plugging in the dongle. The light blinks a few times immediately which to me means it paired correctly? But there’s no action when pushing buttons, though Kodi works fine when plugging in a USB keyboard.

Can you upload a log?
Is the receiver plugged in?
Have you tried changing the battery?

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Tried changing the battery and re-pairing as I described earlier, no help. Yes, the receiver is plugged in :slight_smile:

Event log is empty, or is there another log I can find?

Please post a full osmc log
Let us know if you need any pointers with this


Here you go!


This doesn’t seem like a full log.

How did you upload this?

That’s the dmesg log, here’s the other one:

Your log doesn’t show the RF dongle attached.
Can you check this?

It was in.

I rebooted and inserted the dongle, does it show up now in the log below?

Nope. Can you plug it in to a PC and see if it shows up in device manager?
The dongle may be faulty; and the fact that it occurred after an update is just a coincidence.

When you press a button on the remote, do you see a short blue flash or a long pulse?

When I insert the dongle into a Windows machine first it said not recognized, but then it installs drivers successfully. Not sure what to look for in device manager?

When I press a button on the remote, just a very brief blue flash. When I long press on HOME and OK buttons, the blue light remains on. When I insert the dongle into the Vero, there are three blinks and the blue light is off. Therefore I take that there’s some communication happening between the dongle and the remote.

Yes – the three blinks indicate successful pairing.
You may be able to use the arrow keys (up and down) to scroll a web page in your browser on a PC.

Also, try a different USB on the Vero.

Look at the end of the first post to see how you can test some basic functions of the remote within Windows: Pairing the Original Black OSMC RF Remote Control with a Pi/Vero2/4k/4k+.

It is important to understand whether the issue is related to the remote control or the box.

Doesn’t work in Win7 following the guide in the link provided, and the other USB port on the Vero doesn’t work, either :frowning: Pairing seems to work with both Windows and Vero, but just no response to any commands.

So the USB port and the remote are broken? That seems unlikely — or do you just mean that it doesn’t work in the other USB


Given the dongle pairs with the remote when it’s attached to Win 7 PC or either of Vero’s USB ports. Windows PC recognizes the dongle, eventually. But the remote commands don’t reach the device it’s attached to (PC or Vero).

Not sure what that implies.

Sounds like you need a new dongle.
If you open a support ticket, we can send another one