Remotely Adding Files To Vero Connected Drive

Hey all, new here, just got a Vero 4k+ Yesterday for my dad coming out of hospital. Have plugged it in with an external 1tb hard drive with some video files on it for him to watch while hes still immobile.

My question is, if the Vero is on 24/7 and connected to network, is it easily possible for it to share access to the USB hard drive over a LAN? So that I can access it for adding more video files/renaming organising files on it from my laptop without having to unplug it all and physically attach it to my laptop?

First time really using Kodi so quite a bit still to learn about the general workings of it all. But must say the Vero is a very impressive little bit of kit.


The easiest way to do so is installing the Samba (SMB) Server from the MyOSMC / App Store.

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Thanks, Would I need to install anything on the laptop or would that SMB thing make the drive visible to a standard windows network?

Yes, SMB is the standard (built-in) network sharing protocol of Windows.

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I use SMB to turn my Pi and USB hard disk into a NAS so that I can add/remove files onto the Pi’s hard drive over the network.

An alternative approach would be to use WinSCP on the Windows computer to connect up to the Pi/Vero and add/remove files that way, I actually like this method as I don’t have to run any additional services on the Pi/Vero (So long as you have SSH enabled).

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Thanks, Installed the SMB Client on the Vero. And on my laptop I entered the IP address for the Vero but it just opened what looks like a Kodi Client, I can see the kodi interface and download stuff from it to my computer but wont let me move anything onto the Vero/USB Drive.

Just downloaded WinSCP so going to give that a try now.

Brilliant, the WinSCP worked, can see the directories in the Vero and access the USB drive, just very very slow (300kb/s) uploading the files over the local network, must be the wireless signal to the Vero I imagine, might need to see about getting it onto an ethernet cable.

Thanks Very much

SCP does have a performance penalty as the files are encrypted so that does slow things down a bit.

For SMB it sounds like you entered the IP address into a web browser, you need to enter this into Windows Explorer instead.


I type the IP into windows explorere open window, but it redirects to Chrome and opens in a page on that automatically.

I think you have the format wrong.
I use \\192.168.2.x for such explorations

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As @dandnsmith mentions, \\ tells Windows this is a file share rather than a website (the redirecting is supposed to be helpful but in this case it’ getting in the way).

There is a guide here:

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\\ is needed to tell windows that it’s smb share.


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Brilliant, the \before it worked a treat. Only prob is, when I do that, the folder shows a network location “osmc” when I click on that, enter the defualt name/password osmc/osmc it opens but the folder only appears to be somthing about kodi,

ie folders shown are .kodi, movies, music, pictures, tvshows,

It doesn’t show me the root directory like in WinSCP, which has bin, boot, dev, etc so I can’t see a way of getting to the USB drive through explorer.

the drive isn’t showing in \\veroip ? is it automounted or have you mounted it yourself to another directory then /media?

Automated, I just plugged drive into the vero, and when accessing it through WinSCP it shows a root directory, folder in there called media, then the USB drive name is there as if it was a folder in media,

Tired \IPAdress\media\usbdrivename
\ipadress\usbdrivename etc but doesnt connect,
only got the Vero 4k yesterday, so will muck about with it a bit later, may need to change some settings on the vero to allow access to the root folders. WinSCP is great, but its very slow for transferring files as mentioned above, and would be better to be able to access it using the windows file system as my first experience with Kodi and after some reading will need to do quite a bit of renaming and sorting of my media to get the library to work properly. Its just in such an awkward place that would be so much easier to do it remotely.

Thanks again for all replys, I’d not have a clue where to start on this one if it wernt for the advice above,