Remove on-screen items at "pauze"

For an event, I need to pauze a video (something like a title to announce something) until the video can continue to run. The annoying thing is that my Vero 4k+ darkens the the top and bottom part of the screen, and overlays the picture with OSD info. Is there a way to have the pauze “clean”, meaning without or with minimal screen overlay?
My previous player just displayed a little pauze icon in a corner… would like something similar with the Vero. Possible?

The two suggestions apply to the OSMC skin. Depending on the skin you’re using, this might not be possible or it might be a different setting in the respective skin’s settings.
Which skin are you using?

Thank you @fzinken for your quick feedback… I should have found that myself. Since this device is used at the clubhouse of a club, I don’t have the Vero here with me to try. I have asked someone to check/test.

If I remember well, we use the default OSMC skin (although, I’m not 100% sure). Anyway, even if we don’t use the default skin, there is nothing preventing us to change to the default skin for the day of the event.

Glad we could help :+1:t2:

I have the feedback from the person who did the test with the above recommended solution. We were apparently not using the standard OSMC skin, but rather the Estuary skin (which I kind of like). I seems that in the Estuary skin, those OSD settings are not available. After changing to the standard OSMC skin, all possible OSD setting were turned off or disabled.

Sorry for the bad picture, but here is how the settings are set now:

Everything seems to work ok, EXCEPT 1 thing: after releasing the pauze, a horizontal play bar comes on screen for about 1-2 seconds. Something like this picture:


This despite the fact that the setting “show OSD info when video starts” and all other OSD settings are turned off.

Would there be any possibility to avoid also this bar from appearing?

That with only be possible to avoid with Kodi v19 as there’s a bug in the way this is controlled by Kodi that hasn’t been backported yet. I’ll ask whether a backport is planned.

@LeoB, just letting you know that this should be resolved in a future update as we’ve backported a Kodi change from v19 that will prevent this unwanted behaviour. Will let you know whether it’s fully fixing this once I’ve got time to test. :+1:t2:

This has been resolved with the March update :+1:t2:

Thank you very much, Chillbo !
Unfortunately, our OSMC device is located in the clubhouse of our filmclub, and because of the Corona lock-down, I have no access to that location and to the device at the moment… I’ll keep this on hold. You’ll hear as soon as I can get my hands on the OSMC, install the update and test.
Anyway, I thank you for your contribution to solving this issue, and for your feedback.

Stay Safe !!!


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You stay safe as well! :slightly_smiling_face: