Request for Change - Clock

Would it be possible to have a Kodi setting which controls the display of the clock? This would be useful when the Rpi is not connected to ethernet/wireless and clock data is not available. At present a skin, such as Confluence, just displays the last known time. It would be very useful if the clock could be removed when not connected to a time source.

Sounds like a request for Kodi forums.

Clock display is implemented at the skin level. If we start messing with the clock in the core, it could cause issues with parts of Kodi depending on a reference clock, like CEC.

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Yes. If it need to be mucked with, it should be in the skins.

Glad you agree. :sadparrot:

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We’re in no position to do this though for third party skins.

Thanks for all your replies so far.

If a kodi setting existed which was for the purpose of display/no display of the clock & date, skins could then check this setting and take the appropriate action of displaying or not. It essentially would be a user control. The clock itself could just be left alone as no wish to change anything at the system level.

I’m currently thinking of a hack to a skin to get rid of the clock & date, rather than this having to be done, a user control would avoid this. I realise it would require the skin creators to modify their skins appropriately at some future date.

This type of control would be useful in a standalone Rpi running Kodi. At the moment the non-update of the time & date is just an annoyance, but could be construed as a fault with the Rpi/Kodi.

This would be best implemented by Kodi

Hallo Users!
I also have another Question about the Clock; I posted it there: Six-Digit-Clock (with Seconds Display)

it’s also possibly to hide the clock & date…

For example simply search on youtube: