Request: High DPI support for Windows Installer


When installing OSMC from a Windows laptop which has a High DPI screen via the installer, it’s not currently possible to read the from down menus. Only the first letters appear. For example, when selecting the device you are installing on, one opetion is “Raspberry Pi Zero/One”, and another one is “Raspberry Pi 2/3”, however, to know which options to select, I had to download the installer on another machine and go through the menus at the same time.

To my understanding, the installer uses QT, and QT does support high DPI resolutions.



This has already been requested, and it’s on my list, I just haven’t found time to implement HiDPI yet. Qt 4.8 does not support HiDPI, but Qt 5.x does. That brings a whole set of new challenges cross-platform, but will get done eventually.

If you are a Qt dev, and are interested in getting stuck in, then do get in touch


I am running Windows 10 “Creators update” (available since 2017 some time) on a high-dpi laptop, and I had the issue described above (installer unusable due to resolution problems).

This version of windows fortunately has a workaround.

  1. Right-click the installer exe, choose Properties
  2. Click “Compatibility” tab
  3. Check “Override high DPI scaling behaviour”, and set “Scaling performed by” to “System”. Click Ok.
  4. Profit.

osmc high dpi

Indeed. We are getting rid of desktop installers soon as it will be possible to image SD cards directly from the browser in the future


See HiDPI Windows installer