Resolution change?

On the Pi I had 1360x768x50 which is one that our TV supports natively, but on the Vero 4K, i cannot change the resolution to that. There are just two options and there does not seem to be a config.txt like on the Pi. How do I change resolution?

I do not know if this is because of the resolution, but while screens are OK, the pop out menu for PVR for instance end up largely off-screen.

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The list of TV supported resolutions should be found under System -> Settings. I don’t believe we have support for 1360x768 at this time, but may add it in the future.

You should be able to set 720p and fix the pixel mapping on your TV in the interim.


Settings: system:display:resolution only has two options 720p and 1080i. My TV (Sony KDL-37V42xx) supports 1024/1280/1360x768. On the Pi it was just a matter of changing resolution in config.txt.

What do you mean by “fix the pixel mapping”?

Go to Settings -> System -> Video Output -> Video Calibration… and you should be able to adjust the overscan (pixel mapping) there.

You should really attempt to do this with the TV’s own aspect/wide-screen settings as Sam is recommending. Calibrating like this in Kodi diminishes picture quality and should be avoided if possible.

All I see under “calibration” is “Number of buffers…”

I will add support for 1360x768 in a future update.


@ActionA: You mean 4:3, Wide, 14:9? That is all I can change and only when viewing TV, not HDMI
@sam_nazarko How soon? Our TV is not that old and I see no reason to buy a new one. I saw a mention somewhere else that 720p is a fallback in case you cannot get info from the TV what it supports. If that is the case, then a manual overriide should be possible?

If your TV supports 720p, then you should be able to select 720p in Kodi.
You can force this resolution, but you should be able to configure it via the GUI.


Yesyes, that is basically what it autoselects, but it is not one of the native resolutions. When I compare now, ie switch between the tuner and signal from xbmc there is not a visible difference so I guess I am ok, but I remember playing with the resolutions on the Pi in the past and there seemed to be slightly better quality when I had a resolution that the TV considered “native”

So, for now, that leaved the popout menu when I hit the left arrow on “PVR”, about half of it is off-screen. How do I fix that?

Your TV manual should show you an option to enable a 1.1 pixel mapping.

I can add 1360x768 and 1366x768 modes. They were included before:

but later removed on the recommendation of the SoC provider. So it would need some testing on your side. Note that they are only VESA modes, so wouldn’t be very smooth for video as Adjust Refresh Rate wouldn’t work.

Thanks. Having it as an option is always the best.

Not all Sony TVs support pixel mapping, buy I do not think that is the problem. Rest is on-screen?

Which model is yours?

It is a KDL-37V4240

Well seems an interesting TV for which there are no manuals online available

Odd. Possibly a scandinavian model. I can scan and mail to you if you like :slight_smile: Or send the English one via snailmail :slight_smile:

Edit: How is your Romainan?

Found an english one here:


osmc@osmc:~$ cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap

Manual page: