[resolved] Kodi GUI freezing after TV/AVR source change or while using (July Update)

Device: Vero
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired
Power Supply Type: Standard Vero
Peripherals: USB Hard Drive (not connected at testing time)
Storage Device: USB drive, SMB
OSMC version: 2015.07-1
XBMC version: 15.1-RC1
Audio/Video Output: HDMI (from Vero to Onkyo Receiver to Sony TV)
Overclocked: No
Config.txt Extras: None
Log: http://paste.osmc.io/yevoranowe (standard debugging log + CEC log)

Hello everybody!

Since the latest July update I unfortunately have problems with switching between sources in my TV Environment. Everytime that Kodi “loses HDMI control” the GUI freezes - the time is stuck and there is no input possible via CEC or the Kodi Remote App/Webservice.

However the system and even Kodi still seem to keep working in general - I can SSH in and do something on the OS or if music was playing in Kodi before, it keeps on playing. I also checked the Kodi logs and services like the automatic library updater would still run at the set intervals.

This can only be fixed by doing a reboot. Restarting kodi alone wouldn’t help - I can stop the mediacenter service but when I start it again, the screen stays black.

Note to the log: what I did was enable the debugging log, reboot OSMC, power off my TV/DVR, wait a bit, power it back on (GUI was frozen) and that’s it.

I hope we can sort this out (without doing a full reinstall or similar); the Spouse Acceptance Factor is definitely plummeting currently because of this :wink:

Thanks already!

Hello…? Any help from the OSMC team, @sam_nazarko please? I did a reinstall in the meantime but it didn’t help :frowning:
And as you can imagine it’s a seriously annoying issue to reboot every time I want to use OSMC.

Not sure if it’s related to input change but I am having the exact same freeze and no response from any remote , vero, iOS , web.
This has just happened since the last update.
Will get logs as soon as I can.

Can you upload a full set of logs when this happens?

Sure can, thanks for your assistance! You can find them here:
Full logs
This time the freeze happened at 15:37 (all devices were off at that time).

Not helping with the issue but i’m seeing the same behaviour since last update.

I can also confirm scuzyboy’s note - have been seeing freezes as well while using Kodi (e.g. browsing the menus). Any leads maybe, can we try to do something?

Just wanted to confirm. An older build works great, but after updating I get freezes if I try using HDMI-CEC. If I never touch the remote it’s fine. Seems likely it’s related to this.

Right, the times that I observed freezing during usage was while I was pressing buttons/navigating the menu.
Which devices do you guys have? I got an Onkyo AVR and a Sony TV.

Philips with no AV receiver. Any news on this? The WAF is dropping pretty fast atm.

August update didn’t make a difference unfortunately :frowning:
Could we maybe get an update if you have been able to look into it or been busy with other topics @sam_nazarko?



I am not aware of the issue here but I am aware of another cause for a freeze that may be related. Will keep you updated as always


I turned off CEC completely but to no avail, still freezing up after a while. :frowning:

Hmmm… how about additional applications? Have you installed anything besides OSMC?
I manually installed SABnzbd, Sonarr and CouchPotato - maybe the issues lies somewhere there?

I’m experiencing this issue also @sam_nazarko. Normaly while navigating in the VERO’s file system to start a video file. I’m on the August update. The GUI freezes, neither the CEC remote nor the VERO’s remote work. I have to ssh to the VERO and issue a reboot command.
I have a Sony TV, and the VERO is connected via spdiff to a DENON receiver.

Same setup and same problem…

More information on this issue.

The GUI also freezes, quite frequently, when:

  • Navigating the system menus to configure the skin. Yesterday I changed the VERO’s skin to MIMIC, and it took me about 10 reboots to conclude the skin’s configuration;
  • Importing Audio Music files to the VERO’s library. I have around 22.000 music files, spread on around 1500 albums, and to import these files into the VERO’s library, it’s been hard with all the freezes.

How can I help you @sam_nazarko, and your peers, to track the source of these constant freezes?

We are still trying to work out the exact cause. We have got logs of the freeze


Good morning,

We have had some positive results today and we are refining things and hoping to get out a fix for the freezes shortly. As soon as we are happy with things we will push these changes.




Alright, that’s good news! Thanks for the update!