Resolved skipped frames on 24p material

I had a problem with skipped frames every 41 sec. on 24p material, 23,976 is fine.
It was caused by Motionflow mode “True cinema” on my Sony TV (KDL-50W815B), simply off resolved the problem
Maybe this is helpful for someone else


I am afraid that this is a wrong info, problem is only solved with rebooting Vero, there is nothing to do with Motionflow, I tried several times and only reboot resolves a problem. Question is why every day or two I must reboot Vero to regain a correct playing of 24p material?

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Hard to say without any logs.

Here is a log in correct phase. I must wait day or two for 24p playback problem.

Do you mean issues with 24hz material? 24p usually mean 23.976hz.

In any case, a skip every 41 seconds is usually indicative of running an incorrect frame rate, in this case running 23.976fps content at 24.000fps. That would cause a skip of one frame every 41 seconds.

Yes, I mean 24hz or 24.000fps. I have a skip frame every 41sec, and when I reboot my Vero 4K skipping frames is gone for maybe 24-48 hours, then it is back again.On average movie there is a 100-150 skipped frames in debug info screen.

Try enable HPD Lock under Settings -> Display

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Great, I will try and report back.

Forgot to mention but you need to reboot after enabling the setting.

Thank you for advice, yes I rebooted (Power Off) device after enabling the settings. For now it is O.K., must wait for more time to be sure.


This likely means that your device wasn’t waking up in time, so Vero 4K was falling back to a few, more limited resolutions.

HPD Lock will keep things working as expected.

I found what triggering a skipping in 24 hz material- Playing a 25 hz material- . After that playing 24.000 movies are afected with 41sec skipping problem. Even with HPD Lock problem exist, but when I changed a TV resolution from 1080/23.978 to 1080/60 there is no more skipping when switching from 25 to 24 fps. I will investigate further and report.

If you can reproduce this every time that would be quite interesting.

Results for now. I can provoke a skipping in 24Hz material in a few minutes now. Mostly it is enough to start material in order 24-23.976-25 (TV resolution must be 1080p/23.98). After that in 70 percent cases skipping is there, if it is not simply repeat one or two times 24-23.976-25Hz playing. With or without HPD lock result is the same in 1080/23.98 TV resolution. On 1080p/60 I still cannot provoke a skipping problem, which is good (1080p/60 is recommended settings as I recall). I must try that on other TV set.

The skipping is back, even in 1080p/60 with HPD lock. I put some delay in settings “delay after change of refresh rate” now.

At this point I think you would need to try another TV set. It could be a motion processing option causing issues

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Repeated frames every 41" are a classic sign of 23.976Hz content being played at 24.000Hz (or 60.00Hz)

Damir - are you playing a mix of 24.000Hz source material and 23.976Hz source material? (I know some European Blu-rays are mastered at 24.000 rather than 23.976 so the stuff is rare, but does exist)

(Annoyingly most ARM SoCs merge 23.976 and 24.000, 59.94 and 60.00 modes together unlike Intel - so you can’t select one or the other as your desktop resolution)

In my case 24.000Hz material being played at 23.976 caused the problem? I have a 24.000 material (like Bright 2017 1080p WEBRip - eMKaVg.mkv,The.Night.Eats.the.World.2018.1080p.BluRay.H264xyz962.mp4), and many others, 24.000 is rarest of all but from time to time I have it. Playing 23.976, and other 25.000, etc. are always fine. In mix do you mean in the same movie 23.976 and 24.000Hz are present.

I mean do you have both 23.976 and 24.000 movie files. Which you do. I’m not aware of mixed-frame rate content (though variable frame rate does exist)

That is more logic. Yes I have both 23.976 and 24.000 movie files. Only 24.000 movie files are affected with skipping problem (neither 23.976, 25.000 or other fps versions are affected)