Retro emulation in osmc possible?


I installed osmc as single os on rpi3 b and I finnaly happy with one wish.

Is it possible to install and run emulators like this:

? I found a lot of topics but I found no solution …

Can anybody help ?


So as with Kodi Krypton (current Kodi Version of OSMC) you would need to run RetroPie in parallel to Kodi and switch between the two.
By next year (with Kodi Leia) a possible integration is on the horizon.

Thank you.

My English is not so well so I try to learn and understand it better from day to day

I found this topic but I looking for a solution you tell me in your posting with the new version. I don’t want install more operating systems. But if it not possible I have to use this how to with heavy hearth :smiley:

But o think if I install with noons new and clean osmc and retropie or something else so I have to switch but have no more work

It will not install a second Operating System. You will still use OSMC as your operating system.
But you would need to quit Kodi (the Media Center) when you want to play games (switching between both takes less than 15 seconds.

Ah okay. I hope I understand all right. I have installed osmc and can run the tutorial ?
I try it :slight_smile: I got nothing to loose :slight_smile:

I installed it, then I installed the add-on.

If I restart the system, kodi is started. But I can’t find the icon / add-on. If I quit kodi retrosmc don’t start.

Maybe out of date ?

If you have issues with the addon I suggest to ask in that thread for help.
I doubt it is out of date, but @mcobit will know better

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It is not out of date.
You have to activate it in the Kodi Addon settings, as it gets deactivated after first installation because it is not in the official kodi repo.

Installation went smooth?

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Installation runs without any Seen issue.

Afer basic Installation i press quit / cancel all. I reboot. Then i install the addon. Reboot.

But i cant Start retrosmc

i cant find any entrie for this addon to activate.

Why i cant run retrosmc without addon Over “exit” in power settings?

If i do this osmc runs again. I forget anythink ?

Now i See the launcher after thrird Installation.
Now i can Start the Emu station

The addon does the switching for you.

Did you try activating the addon in the Kodi addon setrings?

As soon as its activated, it will show up under program addons.

If you don’t want to use the addon, you can also create the menu link manually like described in the first post.
That will only work in the osmc skin and other skins with skin-shortcuts addon though.
Not with estruary.

Edit: Nice, have fun :slight_smile:
If you still have questions, search this thread or ask here.

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Thank you for Helping! All works fine for now :smile:

The addon was after third Installation instaklrd and ready to activate. Maybe my system is corrupt becaus it dont works at the first time.

But now everythink is fine :slight_smile:

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