Retrosmc install - does not work - why?


I have a Pi 3 OSMC with the TV hat installed, running TVHeadend and decided it would be nice to add RetroPie to it to also have a gaming console. SD card is 32gb in size.

Followed the Retrosmc install instructions here -

Plus the associated Youtube video. All seemed to install ok, took a long time but completed without any apparent errors. Also installed the add-on launcher and also added the Games section to the menu with the launch script.
Results are disappointing! From either the launcher or the script the Pi crashes to a black screen and reboots. One symptom of this crash is the resolution settings change from 1080p 50hz to Desktop?
Can somebody confirm this is the only way to get RetroPie running on an OSMC install or are these instructions now out of date and hence the crash behaviour I am experiencing?
I am brand new to RetroPie so config and setup I may have missed something. Also I have not loaded any roms into the RetroPie submenu but surely it should at least start up without these?

Any pointers on a fix or alternative install options gratefully received!



Well two options:

  1. Wait for Kodi 18 which will give you most functions of Retropie natively
  2. Use the great search function of this forum and find this howto

OK, thanks, will follow these and try again.
If this doesn’t work I might just install RetroPie as stand-alone on a separate meteor card to swap out but be nice to have it all in one.