Rosewill AC1200UBE2 (8812au) not finding/connecting to 5G

I have a Rosewill AC1200UBE2 wireless adapter which is based on the Realtek 8812au driver. Its able to connect to 2.4G network but I cant use the AC 5G network. Is there a workaround or something I need to do to allow OSMC use my AC network?

Im using the OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150412.img (RC2) on a raspberry pi 2 with all updates applied within OSMC.

This guy had to change the broadcast channel on his router.

well… that did the trick. I changed my channel to 48 instead but falls in that frequency range. Something about the driver just doesn’t seem right to me though. I had this adapter on a windows, multiple Linux distros, and even OpenElec on the RPi2 and I didn’t have an issue with having to change the channel my 5G was on. Maybe its a blessing in disguise on setting me up on a better channel? Im not sure… im going to monitor the rest of my clients through out my network, hopefully there isn’t any downgrade on performance.

Thanks again for the tip… I got smooth playback from OSMC now from 5G.

You understand the comment

The main question is which default regulatory domain was configured on your windows and linux machine compared to the regulatory domain configured on osmc. Set the regulatory domain (on your router and your osmc) to what is correct for your country and then it automatically should work.

e.g. “iw reg set GB” would set it to Great Britain