RPI 1, Samba Broken Pipe [SOLVED]

Hi, can i use a RPi 1, 2nd version, to run Samba? I’m attaching usb hdd and it’s mounting ok and i can see it on a second kodi box but when i select it i get broken pipe message. I’ve tried 2 drives now and they mount and show themselves on second box but their pipes is broke. Clean install and no config changes…

Thanks in advance

Try this solution:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

insert a # before the line
usershare template share = automount template

save the file (CTRL+x, y, ENTER)

sudo systemctl restart samba

Hope that helps

Your answer might work but where’s the context? Why do you think it fixes the problem?

Is it releated to this thread, for example?

Certainly does! Thanks

That’s the original thread about the issue, had broken pipes error myself between a pi2 and pi3 running OSMC, until i changed smb.conf to whats suggested.

Thanks. Useful to know.