RPi 3 wireless speed sufficient?

I am contemplating upgrading my Pi to a PI3 and at the same time change to wireless as I do not have a wired connection close to the TV. Would a 2.4GHz wireless connection be OK to stream media from TVHeadend?

Maybe… Maybe not… Have you seen the size of the WiFi antenna on a pi3? Most reports around here are that the pi3 WiFi is less than stellar in the performance category.

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OK. Let me elaborate: A wireless connection where the transmitter is less than 10m away behind a drywall wall. The wifi is not used for any other demanding traffic…

No one can answer that with any certainty. Too many variables.

The overall performance of the Pi3 is streets ahead of the Pi1, so the user experience is generally going to be better than on a Pi1 - though you don’t mention how the Pi1 is connected.

If the Pi3’s Wi-Fi doesn’t work to your liking through the drywall, another option is an external Wi-Fi dongle, such as this. Of course, the router’s wireless performance might also be less than stellar and your neighbour’s microwave oven might be leaking RF energy big time. 2.4 GHz WiFi in towns can be a real lottery at the best of times, especially when your neighbours choose one of the apparently “free” channels that isn’t 1, 6 or 11.

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Yes. I am aware of all that and thanks for your feedback. The old Pi (B+ 512) is directly connected. I had it on powerline adapters for a while and it worked fine for a month, then started dropping out so I put i back on wired. I did scan my neighbours before installing wifi and selected an unused channel. Unfortunately does my Spectrum Analyzer only go up to 1GHz so I cannot scan for interference :slight_smile:

I have been contemplating a new Pi for a while, it is just 32€ after all. Vero looks nice, but I already have a keyboard for the Pi and would rather not have yet another remote…

You don’t need to use the remote that’s provided with the Vero 4K.

True, but but there is that small thing called cost? Do not get me wrong. I am sure that the Vero is worth it, question is whether I will notice any diference for that extra 100€ :slight_smile:

I just upgraded from my Pi3 to a Vero4K, so there’s always the risk of confirmation bias in what I write. Nevertheless, a few things immediately come to mind:

  • Power supply included in the price
  • Radio remote included in the price
  • IR remote control possible without an additional dongle.
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • A real ethernet port
  • Much faster eMMC, rather than relying on an SD card
  • Good built-in sound, without the need for a “hat” board.
  • A choice of analogue or digital-optical audio output.
  • x265/HEVC 10-bit supported in hardware

I could probably bore you with a few other points, but I’m sure you get the idea. The Vero 4K lacks the Pi’s GPIO pins but the Vero 4K is a media centre, and is not designed to be a general-purpose educational device. Plus I’ve discovered that the processor supports AES extended instructions, so using a VPN should be considerably faster than on the PI once the AES extensions are exploted.

The Vero 4K is roughly twice the price of the Pi3 but in a few years you’ll probably have to buy a Pi4/5 if you want to play x265/HEVC - even assuming that the Pi4/5 supports it.

And I’m not on a commission, either. :slight_smile:

Great. If I look at this, then for me:

Power supply included in the price - Already have
Radio remote included in the price - Already have
IR remote control possible without an additional dongle. - I use a small wireless keyboard
2 GB of RAM - That is nice?
A real ethernet port - “Real” as in???
Much faster eMMC, rather than relying on an SD card - Good point
Good built-in sound, without the need for a “hat” board. - I run the audio through HDMI
A choice of analogue or digital-optical audio output. - No need at this point
x265/HEVC 10-bit supported in hardware - Good to have, but not needed at this point

The vero4 is almost four times the price of the Pi

Hmmm. I’m in the UK.

Currently £55.

If you search around you can get a promotion code for the Vero 4K.

Re the Vero 4K’s “real” ethernet port:

I looked at the Vero 4K and thought, “yep, that’s worth going for”, even though I have a Pi 3. Others will have different needs and react differently in the same set of circumstances. There’s no “right” answer.

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Your b+ psu is likely not powerful enough for a 3.

On my network, the 3’s WiFi is useless for DVD.iso… But the V4K’s plays DVD.iso flawlessly In the same location.

The V4K’s gui navigation, movie skipping/fast forward, etc is much faster than a 3… It is worth ditching a 3 for a V4K as the user experience is very very good.
Vero4K Review

I was in fact comparing the UK price ex vat to what Farnell charges for a Pi. Thanks for the clarification on the ethernet port. Was not aware of that. Currently running a B+ and do not see the GUI as sluggish.

OK. Good to know.

That would seem to be £33.89, excluding VAT, or £40.66 with VAT, just for the main board.

32,79€ ex vat. and I just need the board as I have everything else. Interestingly enough does Farnell charge a lot more in the UK for the same unit? I have no idea what shipping for a Vero would be, but Farnell charges a flat fee of 11€. I buy components there on a regular basis.

Edit: Apparently shipping is free - Nice!

The Irish Farnell wants €39.79 for the board, plus VAT. Which price are you quoting?

If I recall correctly, the Pi 1 boxes are not normally compatible with the Pi 3 and the Pi 3 should really have a good 2.5A PSU.

Gui speed:

I ran a rpi1 1 b 256 with raspbmc and did not notice any real gui sluggishness (gs) until I had an rpi 2. At that point in time I would not desire to go back to any rpi 1 as the user experience was so much better on the 2 and going back to a 1 felt slow all around. My 1 (256), 1 (512), B+, and 2 were all overclocked (OC).

Then when I moved to 3, the gs was slightly better than the 2. The biggest benefit to the 3 over the 2 was that I could run with no OC and still have a slightly better experience. The 3 also is significantly better with my Dual boot image - recalbox for game emulation. Outside of recalbox, I would not suggest someone drop on a new 3 and a new psu for a 3 if they had a perfectly working 2.

The V4K’s experience above the 3 is like going from the Rpi1 to the rpi3. It is really fluid.

Not apples to apples… But if I had to equate things:.
Rpi1 = vespa
Rpi3 = prius
V4K = tesla s

If all you’re used to is a Vespa… It’ll get you where you want to go and feel really fast and smooth

Farnell Finland. I have a box full of wall-warts in my lab :slight_smile: I checked Franell Germany as well and they also had the lower price. Interesing.

I’ve replaced my Pi3 TVH setup (two USB TV Tuners DVB-S2, DVB-T) with Vero 4K.
The difference is stunning. Of course everything already worked with Pi3, so I guess
I didn’t really need it. But when you move up to Vero 4K you won’t want to go back.
Sometimes the Pi struggles. But with Vero 4K, It’s immediately obvious that the platform is much
more powerful and specially built for multimedia.

I can see your point of view. On paper, it looks like you don’t need Vero 4K.
But this situation kinda reminds me of my Blackberry a few years ago.
At the time, I didn’t see any real need for an iPhone, since it was ‘more-or-less’ the same thing.
Of course, I’d never go back now … (even if I could).

If you try Vero 4K, you won’t regret it.
And I’ve just ordered another one :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,