RPi rebooting after sad face

Logs: http://paste.osmc.tv/duwizitebe

Can’t find out what’s wrong. The same happend with RasPlex.

This looks like a new installation but I can see nothing in the log to suggest that anything is crashing.

I would suggest you remove all external devices, such as the Bluetooth keyboard, and restart via the TV remote control, if available.

Is the power supply an official Raspberry Pi unit? If not, what are you using?

Using the official Raspberry Pi unit, it restarts every night. I’ll try to remove the bluetooth keyboard.

Ok to get some ideas on this, when did you install this current installation you shared the the logfile from?

Right before the reboot.

Ok one single reboot after installation is known and normal.
But I still wondered why you say every night? If that is the case I suggest to enable debug logging and upload logs after 2 days

Every morning it’s frozen, and once and a while it’s frozen.

Does it shutdown because the TV has been turned off? Did you look into the CEC settings?

As mentioned suggest you upload logs after two days (so that we at least can see one crash)
Also when it is frozen can you still access it via SSH?

I can still access it via SSH. Not a CEC issue.

New logs: http://paste.osmc.tv/ucaxupaqir

That’s a shortened log. Please post the URL from running grab-logs -A.

It seems that you installed the system at around 17:30 on 7 December. Is that correct?

Correct, new logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/qovijusoje

Well, the first thing you need to do is remove all your overclocking settings. Not all Pi3s are so tolerant of overclocking.

In the Kodi log I noticed a few lines such as this:

16:59:55.546 T:1958637568   ERROR: Exists - Error checking for �/home/osmc/.kodi/addons/script.skin.helper.service/resources/language/

Those strange characters could suggest that some kind of filesystem corruption has already occurred as a result of the system crashing. The lack of anything in the logs also tends to suggest a sudden, possibly hardware-related issue with the Pi.

Guess I’ll have to buy a new Pi then.

First, you need to remove all overclocking. Only then should you even consider buying a new Pi.

  1. Test the SD card with h2testw
  2. Do a clean install (without overclocking)

Only after that you know if the Pi is the problem

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