[RPI3] [April Update] Sad face right after boot

Oh sorry I didn’t know ^^
For the update I don’t know, I live in Beijing and with the internet being what it is here, it doesn’t always works well to download the updates, so I’m not sure when was the last time I updated :s
But maybe there are some logs where I can find that?

grab-logs -a will upload the apt.logs showing details about the install history


thanks, that indicates you already updated to Jarvis in Feburary

I very much looks like that Kodi 16.1 is breaking the theme system in a very subtle way, when there are more than one theme affected.

Can you give a bit more details:

  1. Have you been running Xperience1080 in the last 4 weeks since the 23rd February update without a problem?
  2. Which version of Xperience1080 are you using?

Yes, I have been using Xperience1080 since I got the rpi 2 (been a while now) and never changed back. Sometimes I would get a message like I need an update, and it wouldn’t work, but I assumed it was because of the Chinese connection (and even after a restart it never crashed, and it would work eventually).

But today I had the update message again, so I updated as usual (when it works ^^), and after the restart I got the sad face.

It is Xperience1080 version 4.09.99
(when I click on update, even with the same version number, I get an error: “the dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.9.0 could not be satisfied”)

I use Titan v 3.5.70 now and works perfectly!

It looks like for Kodi Jarvis (the version you use since February) you need version 5

I see. Well I just updated when I saw new updates, would be nice if it had deactivated the theme instead of giving me the sad face :smiley:
Anyway, thx for the help, I thought I had to re-install which annoyed me a lot ^^


This looks like it’s related

Hello everyone, I also the problem of sadface. I used the string and kodi is shared but with the skin “base.” Just put xperience went back to crash and then bootloop. As I understand it (I’m using Google to translate) serves version 5.0 but the repository is already 5.1 but does not work anyway

I take this thread to see if there is a solution to the problem of sadface. After giving the command “mv .kodi kodi.bak
sudo systemctl restart mediacenter” if I install a new Xperience goes into the new block. Solutions? I really like the skin Xperience and I would put it back on. I apologize in advance with the moderators if I violated any rule, but after a message exchange with Sam Nazarco’m not quite sure I understand what I did wrong last time

Read this

Quote: Go to Settings, Addons, Install from Repository. Highlight Kodi Add-On
Repository, pull up the context menu and select check for updates. Let
it do it’s thing and then go back to skins and you should now only see
the Jarvis skins and hopefully they will install.

Hi Everyone,

Same problem here. Sad face after the upgrade.

Logs are here: http://paste.osmc.io/wicahagebe

I removed the .kodi and restarted the service (and rebooted) and it didn’t recreate the .kodi

Any clues?


The post before yours is from May 16!