Dependency xbmc.gui 5.9.0 not satified


I have my RPi2 freshly updated with kodi jarvis frebruary update. This morning when i tried to change my skin(currently i’m using xperience 1080) kodi prompt me with “the dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.9.0 could not be satified”. And i keep having the error message with every skin i and wanna install.

This means the skin you are choosing is not compatible with Jarvis

That what I thought at first but i keep having this error with every theme available on the store execpt those that already installed on my kodi( confluence, osmc skin, xperience 1080)

Not many skins are compatible yet. See Kodi blog post for more info

I tried every skins avaiable, none are working.

Search… The ones mentioned on the Kodi blog will work fine

I had the exact same problem where none of the skins would work, even the Jarvis compatible ones, but this workaround worked for me. Go to Settings, Addons, Install from Repository. Highlight Kodi Add-On Repository, pull up the context menu and select check for updates. Let it do it’s thing and then go back to skins and you should now only see the Jarvis skins and hopefully they will install.


Worked for me. Thanks

Following your instructions:

I tried to update kodi add-on repository and I got the same message than installing one skin: “the denpendency on xbmc.gui 5.9.0 could not be resolved”

Any other have the same problem?

(I am doing it on an atv1)

These is the list of currently compatible skins all others will throw an error.

• Aeon Nox 5
• Amber
• AppTV
• Black Glass Nova
• Chroma
• Confluence
• Eunique
• KOver
• Mimic
• Nebula
• Rapier
• re-Touched
• Titan
• Transparency!

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I have the same message trying to install one of the list.

Did you manage to solve your error?

I don’t have a error that I need to solve :slight_smile:
Therefore unfortunately also don’t know how to help you further, sorry.

Thanks anyway fzinken :slightly_smiling: . I think something is wrong with my kodi addon repository but I don’t know what to do to solve it.

Just for testing purpose I quickly installed Amber and can confirm no error message

I’ve amber already installed the problem is when I try to add a new one that I hadn’t install begore upgrading to jarvis

Go into System->Addons->Install from Repository, Highlight Kodi Add-on repository and use the context menu or sidebar to choose Check for updates. This will force a refresh of the repository.

If it was unable to contact the Kodi servers it may have still been caching the Isengard version of the Repository.

thank you DBMandrake,

But when I try to do the update of kodi addon repository I get the same message that is unable to get xbmc.gui 5.9.0 dependencies.

How can I try to fix that?

The repository version that tries to update is the 2.2.34 if it could help

Thank you very much

A screenshot of the error would be helpful - I can’t see why trying to refresh a repository would also give an xbmc.gui dependency error.

If the skin is not updated to Jarvis. You can edit the addon.xml file inside the skin folder and change the line xbmc GUI to 5.10.0.

This will make it work on Jarvis but any Jarvis features won’t work on the skin. Eg. Event logging and skin image resources. Browsing the library and GUI should be fine though.