[RPI3] [Krypton]stuck in boot loop?

hey all, just updated OSMC to krypton

and now im stucked in boot loop! it when i reboot the RPI, it normally shows the Ranbow Color (i had enabled it) but now it just go blak for like 1 second and then show the Blue mad smiley (BSOD if you will)

what should i do?
ps i cannot ssh into it…

gonna try the things in this FAQ, will report back

Try Help, sad face luup after update to v17

any way to do this from windows?

Yes – you can use Putty. See https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/accessing-the-command-line/

yes i know putty, but as i did say, i cant SSH into it…

Than something else must have gone wrong as the sad face basically just means mediacenter not starting.
Try to access command line on the box itself to figure out what’s wrong with the network

narh, just used Ubuntu Desktop Live (from a usb) and removed the Addons27.db

everythink works now :slight_smile:
thanks Sam-nazarko and fzinken :slight_smile: you da real MVP

Read the page – SSH is not necessary for logging in, but it was a suggestion.
I believe you edited your post to say you could not SSH in after I replied.

Than you should have been able to SSH in, are you now able? Or maybe you haven’t enabled (on purpose) SSH

Indeed. All togglable (if that’s a word), in My OSMC -> Services.

Lol I did NOT Edit the top post, i want to make than VERY CLEAR!..
But its All working now… I used Ubuntu Live from a USB to get of my problem…

Anyway Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Thats right, i do not have SSH enabled…

You have in the past edited your post within the five minute posting time which means it does not give anyone a notification about the adjustment.

Regardless – you can still access the command line without SSH being enabled if you read the Wiki page.

Yup i know, but i srsly i did not edit that top post…
I dont know how to prove this, i just dont want people to think i a d1ck, but i Did not Edit it…
regardless, the Osmc build on Krypton works very very well, a big Thanks to you Sam and your team :wink::wink: