RPi4: mirror HDMI outputs

I’ve done a fresh install of Kodi 19.3 on my Raspberry Pi 4.

The HDMI0 (main) output is connected to a video projector, but I wanted to mirror the video output to the HDMI1 (secondary) port, that is connected to a small display.

The idea is that I won’t need to turn on the video projector every time I want to see the user interface.

Is there a way to do this?

I asked @popcornmix about this.

He says:

It’s not something kodi supports. In theory kodi could use drm to output to both displays, but it doesn’t.

You could install VNC onto the Pi - [HowTo] Install a vnc server on the Raspberry pi - HowTo - OSMC Forums

This is what I’ve done for remote management when I’m not near the TV

Thanks Smooney, but this was not the goal - the secondary display was to avoid having to turn on the projector, since it needs a warm-up time before the image can be seen clearly. VNC replaces that with the need to wait for the client PC to boot.

Tried Yatze or the built-in webui from your phone?