Sad Face after October Update

You and the OP of this thread have RetroPi installed. That’s the only thing I can think of. Hopefully someone else will look at the logs and notice something that I missed.

Ok, thanks, that’s useful information. It’s why I specified I had this installed so I could see if we had some non-standard packages installed. Going to uninstall RetroPie and see what gives. Only thing I can think of it’s some libraries that were installed by RetroPie as with a clean .kodi it should not load.

I uninstalled RetroPie but also no luck. Maybe still some traces left. Can you please post the packages you have installed on a working October update?

apt list --installed

Here ya go!

Thanks. Going to compare, get rid of all the unnecessary cruft and hope I find a culprit. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that will help us. My install is fairly basic as you will see. Because of early buster testing I had to do a fresh install a month ago or so.

Well good and bad news.
The good: I cleaned everything I knew would not be necessary and now I boot without issues.

The bad: no clue which package might have caused it. I’ve played around sooooo much in this box that there was really junk I found where I thought: now when did I play with that…

Tomorrow I will re-install hyperion and RetroPie and see if it still works.

Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it.

Good to hear. Can you share what packages that you removed? That could help us figure out what the problem is(was), and help other people.

x11, qt5, mkvtoolnix, vlc, dvb
too many to mention :smiley:

All things I played with at one point. What’s the best way to get a clean Vero4K. I would like to backup my /home/osmc and re-install so I get a base install and work from there installing only what I now really need.

Just make a safe copy of your ~osmc directory, and if you use fstab or autofs save those also (to a USB/SD/network location).

Then do the regular SD/USB installation.

And of course restore the copies when done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Could you share a diff of my installed packages and what you had, or didn’t you save a copy of apt list --installed?

Ah – you never gave us a chance with a successful upgrade then :smiley:


Thanks for the follow-up. Logs from the vanilla .kodi:

I’ll be off to work shortly, so will pick up any replies this evening. Thanks again.

Well not much of a clue why it crashes. But similar to @nrosier you have installed many packages including X11 so may have to try to remove some of them to see if/when Kodi works again.

Good morning @fzinken , thanks. I’m not familiar with X11 … perhaps it got installed alongside another program.

Might be just as easy to do a fresh install and restore settings/addons?

I think that would be best as you have 30+ packages installed that might be conflicting.
Maybe you installed the “Desktop App” at one time.

Having the exact same issue. Here are my logs. I recently installed retropie so it seems like we all have that in common.

Edit: Running the retropie installer and using the uninstall utility did not fix it. I did originally upgrade through the OSMC utility if that helps.

I don’t think retropie pushes X11 in, or?
Because that seems the common thing all three of you have X11 installed
Could it be you installed this?

Nope - I really try to keep my install slim. Seems like emulation station does install X11?

Possible, I haven’t had it installed on my current install. But I would be suprized of issues as I now that @hissingshark surely has upgraded to buster already

sudo apt-get remove x11-common 

This worked to clean up whatever package had been preventing kodi from starting.

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