Sad face after update

Hello, I’ve been using my osmc for a while with no problems. An update popped up (a few days ago) and I ran it and now I get the sad face after a few seconds of OSMC - Kodi loading up. This just loops on and on. The interesting thing is if i unplug the ethernet cable it loads up ok and I can browse around. Can you tell me how I get to the upload file from my terminal window on mac. Thanks Craig

What Skin were you using before the upgrade? Do you have a MYSQL setup?

Just the basic confluence skin.

Sorry, I don’t know what a MYSQL setup is, so I’ll say no.

Try to reboot with network connected so to recreate the error. Assuming that just the mediacenter is rebooting try to login with SSH and run grab-logs -A to upload log files.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Ok, I’ve done that. Do you just need the link? or do i paste it somewhere…its very long

Just the link pls


You might encounter a UPNP problem like the guy in this thread. Try to rename yoru .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml file.

Just pull out that update from servers because it is poor quality. I have same sad loops first time in all experience with OSMC on Pi1. It’s just Pi1 and the update is not tested enough…sad.

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My Pi’s have updated just fine with no issues.

Doesn’t help if one’s Pi updated with succes. I see I’m not the only one with this problem. I know it is a real one, not by my mistake.

You are one of a few out of what? Thousands?

Edit: Also didn’have any problems on pi 1 or 2.

Mine is working ok now. I didn’t understand the uPNP thread so I undone all of my links to my pc and mac etc and started fresh using a network address instead and that seems to have sorted it. Thanks.
ps If I see another update I’ll ignore it :slight_smile:

My osmc on rpi2 also stopped working after the latest update. I have 5 RPIs running around the house, and have been using osmc for years with minimal instability issues.

Last night my otherwise very reliable osmc setup didn’t boot when powering up rpi2 via TV usb. Green led was flashing 4 times, not connectable via putty.

Downloaded fresh osmc image from, installed it on a brand new card, let the install complete on the same rpi2.

I then started setting defaults from scratch: Local time zone, confluence skin, overclock turbo, links to music and video on nas via samba. So far so good.

I then forced an update check in myosmc and installed the most recent one. It immediately went pear shaped again: osms boots, throws up CEC error within 10s after osmc interface appears, hangs (sad face); reboots, CEC error, sad face … Etc.

I then disconnect and reconnected power, and then the rpi doesn’t even boot: red led’s on, green led flashes 4 times.

I will try to get logs tomorrow, but imho something’s definitely not right with that feb upgrade; at least that what it looks like to me.


Last night my otherwise very reliable osmc setup didn’t boot when
powering up rpi2 via TV usb. Green led was flashing 4 times, not
connectable via putty.

Do not power your Pi with the TV USB. It’s not likely to supply the current that the Pi needs, and you crash the Pi every time you turn the TV off. That can lead to filesystem corruption, or worse.

Until you stop powering your Pi from a TV USB port there is no way to know. This is not recommended, and for good reason.

How can I enable debug from cmd line? I want to give here all debug info, but after UI is loaded only some 3 remote click a get before sad face, must be some service fail, mysql isn’t working on my setup, i think i enabled it but not configured, end i use another skin, Eminence.

That could be part of the problem. Suggest you ssh into OSMC and do mv .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml guisettings.xml and reboot