Sad face after updating when installed on usb hdd

Finally I decided to register and write about issue I have.
I am using OSMC on Raspberry Pi 2 from RC2 version and I use it installed on usb hdd.
Everything works good until update, after every update I end up with sad face loop.
When it is installed on SD card update works without problems.

It’s painful to configure everything from scratch with new version and searching forum I found in this topic suggestion to try “sudo fsck /” which I did over ssh, it ask me to fix and when finished I am again in working OSMC.

Can this be avoided? Can I supply you with some log?
I will report back after next version is out…

My question would be, why are you insistent on running the system from USB and not just running the whole system from SDcard?

@hsus here is the log

I was thinking that SD is more prone to corruption with power loss and that was main reason I put system on HDD.
Do you suggest me to install system on SD card and just connect USB HDD as storage?
How long SD card is going to last if all system read/write is on it?

Those issues were resolved quite some time ago. But even USB install is prone to corruption due to power loss. Yes, this is precisely what I would suggest.

A quality card should last for years.