Sad faces after november update?

I get sad face after trying to playback different video files. Also after trying to playback content via youtube addon.
I had a small issue with the november update explaned here: Osmc November update dependency error
which got solved and shouldn’t be the problem.
Every now and then I always get a sad face, they seem pretty normal to me by this time.
A reboot, reinstalling kodi and deleting content of /home/osmc/.kodi/temp always solves these.
But now since november update they always come back and above methods don’t help.
I didn’t install any new addon or changed other stuff, just did the update.
Here are my logs:

Looks like a sad face when you tried to play Westworld off a hard drive.

What happens if you copy it locally and play off NAND?

Not just this one other files too that recently played fine.

Now tried on nand, plays back fine. After that I quickly tried to playback the files from hdd and they also worked fine…just waited some time, thats all.
The sad faces are not only connected to video playback from a hdd. It also happens if I want to playback streams.
Also from time to time I got these hickups in playback where the video stops. Avr plays audio along just fine and after some time the video fast forwards until it’s in sync with audio again.
Plz don’t tell me it’s related to the hdd… had issues in the past but it’s a new hdd.

Ok, i ran fsck an hdd and it fixed some things…will observe this further…
I don’t know why my hdd keeps getting messed up…it’s frustrating…

Make sure you eject them properly / safely remove.
Make sure they are adequately powered.