Sam keeps saying not to turn off ur apple tv or turn it off a different way?

sooo what is the best way to turn this off or put it in standby?

i tried a few times but eventually ended up having to use the ol, menu and - sign to reboot it every time ive tried to put it into standby,

now if u choose exit, does it return u to the osmc view?

how do u change to the osmc view from kodi and vice versa?

Since Crystalbuntu I click “Power off system” (Second option from top) and I’m waiting a few minutes until heads stop. If heads are stopped you should hear nothing, when you unplug your ATV.

With USB install (first version of OSMC for ATV) I had returning osmc view, like you said. I just wait and shortly screen goes black and it looked like power off was properly. With new HDD install no issues.

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ok and why do u need to unplug the atv?

I read that Apple TV always uses about 23Watt.
I’m using atv maybe 5 hours in week (1 movie and 2-3 tv shows), so there is no sense in permanent up time.

Reasons to power it off ?

  1. reduce power consumption
  2. reduce wear on the device
  3. need to open the case, or work on the ATV n some way.

My own personal setup:
Electricity is cheap, green and plentiful here, so I could care less about 23 watts of power usage. (Besides it’s winter right now and the extra heat the ATV produces helps warm the basement :wink: )
I’ve had mine running almost non-stop (with short periods of downtime for testing, reboots, or possible crashes), since I first discovered and installed Crytalbuntu years ago.

How to power it off:

The ATV has no hardware support for power supply shutdown, so in the few cases where we would need to fully power the unit off,we are forced to manually remove power.

In my case, our power bar is buried behind all the gear which makes getting at the plug difficult.
In the past I would simply unplug the ATV cable at the ATV box, but unplugging the connector at the device has a risk of voltage spikes (due to it’s design not being great for quick connect/reconnect).
To solve this, I modified the the ATV power cable by installing a good quality, in-line, lamp cord switch, into the cord. That gives me a real manual power switch, right near the ATV.

How I power the system down:

1. I select “Power off system” from the Power menu.
2. Wait until the screen switches to a terminal screen, and “System halted” is seen.
3. Unplug the ATV, turn off the power bar, or use a DIY switch to remove power.

Why can’t I simply unplug the power ?

Killing power to the ATV before the system is halted, is likely to corrupt the filesystem, for the same reason that simply powering off a Windows or OSX can cause problems.

Killing the power won’t cleanly un-mount a drive.

A clean shutdown on most computer devices will stop running processes, and eventually cleanly un-mount the storage devices.

“Windows was not shutdown correctly” “Disk checking required” “External Drive was not removed cleanly” etc. are the type of warnings you see in the PC world when you power off a device or HDD without shutting down/unmounting correctly.

Why do I care if the drive in NOT unmounted cleanly/correctly ?

  1. It can cause loss of data.
  2. In 99.9% of cases, when the ATV boots again, it will only mount the HFS+ ‘boot’ partition, READ ONLY.
    A read only partition is not good, since that means you cannot update or change files. A recent problem some users had with updating OSMC was caused by a read only partition.

wowo spinner, thanks for this detailed response appreciate it!1 will re read it and go from there, thanks again!!

spinner , if u am not mistaken osmc is using atvclient from a new fork that was discussed in depth in the old forums here under development. As I recall that new atvclient now does a reboot as if the same as reboot command when pressing back and down and holding them . I suspect this to be the case but I could be wrong. I have asked if the old forums were around and never got an answer as that is where all of the magic in the new atvclient was documented. I think this info needs to get resurrected as I do not even recall the name of the later but I do remember I installed and used it even with a third party remote. Did the older atvclient even support the back-down and hold reboot?

hi I’m pretty sure its hold menu and down arrow

its a force reboot

Holding Menu+Down = force reboot.

It’s NOT a clean shutdown or normal reboot where all processes are shutdown and drives cleanly unmounted.

yes that’s right, I know that spinner, its a force reboot

unfortunately we are forced (pardon the pun) to force reboot sometimes as the apples lock up. ive been using them for years its always the same story

Very true.

Especially for those using any addons that, in some cases, make it very unstable.
The only addons I use are: vimeo, youtube, and flickr, and local files… All are official Kodi addons, and I still occasionally have the system lock up. Usually on 1080 content, and mostly due to slow streaming.

Sometimes, if I wait loooong enough, and I do mean a long time… it comes back.
Most likely due to 100% cpu usage making it look like it stopped working.
I had the same results with Crystalbuntu, but with OSMC it seems to happen less often.

Of course, I don’t always want to wait so I force reboot.
Which brings with it the risk of filesystem corruption. :frowning:

Fortunately the January 2016 update includes code that will force fsck the boot partition when it needs to be updated. The previous versions didn’t do this, hence the problems with RO partition and resulting update failure.

Bottom line… Anyone running the January 2016 update or later, shouldn’t run normally run into a problem, unless the filesystem is corrupted so bad that fsck can’t fix it.

If I had access to the old forums I could show you that this is NOT the same as pulling the power but more like a reboot command. Where are the old forums where the new atvclient as discussed?