Samba access from RP not working anymore / smbclient works

Hi there!

Suddenly (without system update/config change) I cannot access my Linux hosted samba shares anymore from the Raspberry Pi.

Allthough from the console on the the RP, I can access the shares via smbclient - as well from other devices.

Has anyone got a clue?

Thanks in advace,


Here’s the Log, with blanked out filenames (*******):

9:15:17 321.914948 T:1956860848 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@WORKHORSE/movies/
unix_err:‘d’ error : ‘Permission denied’
19:15:17 321.915131 T:1956860848 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting smb://WORKHORSE/movies/

19:15:19 324.170837 T:1956860848 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: smb://WORKHORSE/movies/*****
19:15:19 324.171051 T:1956860848 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED

This is related to the samba update on Arch Linux from 2016-09-11. As a solution, ~/.smb/smb.conf on the RP has got to edited like in post #14.

Try using the ip.address of the fileserver instead of the netbios name.

Thanks for the hint…changed it in the config files - but no change. When using the GUI to add a source, after entering path and credentials and clicking ok, the dialog just stays there…

Log file looks the same, just with the IP adress instead of the server name.

You are rebooting after making changes in the config files right?

Just wanted to let you know that i have the exact same problem. Smbclient is working fine! Tried installing a fresh OSMC but to no avail. All other systems (OSX, Windows 10, Arch linux and one openelec) is able to access the files.


Just noticed that i can add my NAS (Qnap 412) samba shares without problems. The server i’m having trouble with is running Arch Linux with the latest Samba install.

Yepp, made a reboot of course.

Hm, I’m running Arch Linux on the server, so samba is the latest version and got updated 2 weeks ago. Config files haven’t changed - maybe there is some incompability with the latest samba version?

Like I said, all other machines work and I can also browse the server from the command line on the RP.

Have you tried mounting in fstab and then accessing via local mount? This would be much more performant anyways.

Not tried, not possible in my case anyways. Many kodi installations running with a SQL database. And why would one get better performance from mounting via fstab?

Because Kodi’s built in smbclient has never performed as well as kernel based. Have you tried rebooting the server or the router or any switches in between?

Direct connection between the both.

As I just realized that I really got a new Samba version which is based on 4.5, this led me to this thread:

Applied the changes, but still no luck, log says no instead ‘Permission denied’:
unix_err:‘6f’ error : ‘Connection refused’

Tried mounting via fstab, but as well no luck, when trying to enter the mount in /mnt/x i get:
-bash: cd: movies/: No such device

Okay, Arch es well. Did you try these changes:

In my case it doesn’t work.

Tried to change the file yesterday. Today it seemed to work. But today i added
sec = ntlmv2
And it works now.

Hm, could you please post your complete smb.conf?

I can’t get it to work.

Here you go!

    preferred master = no
    local master = no
    domain master = no
#   client lanman auth = yes
#   lanman auth = yes
    sec = ntlmv2
    socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY SO_RCVBUF=65536 SO_SNDBUF=65536
    lock directory = /home/osmc/.smb/
#   client use spnego = no
    client ntlmv2 auth = yes
    name resolve order = bcast host
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Perfect. Works for me as well. Many thanks!

Thanks for the forum find!

Glad to help! (now back to restoring my newly installed OSMC)

Thank you - this will also be the solution for any media centers/servers/nas/file-servers upgrading to the upcoming Debian Stretch (or similar) which will bring in Samba v4.5+