Samba network drive

I have an usb disc with my media connected to the router. I have your last OSMC release updated in raspberry pi 3.

The problem is when I try to add source or access to some folder in my samba network disc I can’t insert my credentials, always reload the screen to introduce them again like if I enter something wrong. I think this is a bug because the first character I enter in user can’t be erased, there is no way. If I press ok and enter in full edit page I can but then when return to the main screen the character is there again.

Check attached screenshot. This “a” stays there permanent. It’s my first user character and I can complete the user name but I can’t get access, always reload to enter credentials again.

I have this issuer twice, one with a fresh install, and now I could access with system recently installed but in one restart the problem come backs again and the library is inaccesible. I can see my media but I can’t play them.

If I change to confluence skin, the problem persist, so no skin bug.

Can anyone help me?

I have this problem to WD element 2tb USB hdd drive connected to a netgear WNDR 3400 v2 router, 2 x pi 3 & 1 x pi 2.
Cannot connect to any media that has been scraped but can connect to a separate pi that is set up as a nas.
This only happened after latest update, if I reinstall all works well until I update
This has affected all 3 pi,s
Hope I have not hijacked this thread I just wanted to add to this problem

Thanks :raised_hands:

Guys, please use the search function of the forum and don’t open new threads.
There are at least already two threads around this issue. It’s been worked on but solution not available currently.