Samba no username and password

Hi guys, I went through the forum and found a couple of topics regarding samba shares.
Some of the users did some editing of smb.conf and smb-local.comf trying to set up their samba server so it doesn’t require username and password.
I tried their suggested settings but it didn’t work.
I would like to set it up so that the HDD that gets automounted doesn’t require any login information.
I don’t care about osmc folder, either way is ok.

I’m trying to access OSMC using windows 7 laptop, and I rebooted OSMC after every change, unfortunately nothing worked, it always asked for username and password.

Can you help me please?

Sounds like the same thing that is being discussed here

I went through that one too, but I’m trying to set up the whole thing so that if I attach any more devices it doesn’t ask me for login information for them.
At the same time without doubling the amount of folders that are visible.
Is that possible?

Not really, not without customising udisks-glue.conf, which we don’t recommend as your changes will get overwritten during updates. (Not to mention that the format of udisks-glue.conf is rather complex and cryptic - a lot of work and extensive testing has gone into developing the udisks-glue.conf that we have now)

I’m not too knowledgeable with linux, but after taking a closer look at udisks-glue.conf I have a question.
For us to be able to create a share which doesn’t require login information we use guest ok = yes.
Which tells the system to allow access to guest users.
Samba still needs a way to map the connected client to a user on the local system. The guest
account parameter can be used in the share to specify the Unix account that guest users should be assigned when connecting to the Samba server. The default value for this is set during compilation and is typically nobody.
So basically when we use guest ok = yes that tells the system to use account nobody.

This is from /etc/passwd:

Since udisks-glue.conf has automount options:
automount_options = { ‘fmask=0111’,‘dmask=0000’,‘uid=1000’,‘gid=1000’ }

Would changing uid and gid from osmc user to nobody user remove the need for login information?
If it would can we change the udisks-glue.conf to have additional if statements, changing just the automount part (I don’t know the syntax but you’ll understand where I’m aiming at):

if pasword is enabled; then
automount_options = { ‘fmask=0111’,‘dmask=0000’,‘uid=1000’,‘gid=1000’ }
automount_options = { ‘fmask=0111’,‘dmask=0000’,‘uid=65534’,‘gid=65534’ }

password would be a setting from osmc gui, where user can choose if he wants samba password protected shares or not.

What do you think?
If this is a load of rubbish I apologize for waisting your time.