Samba\SQL Library\PVR WMC Client No longer working after 4-2

Yes, another one of these threads…

I have tried every suggestion in these two threads but nothing seems to work:

Here is my setup:

Windows 7 - Is Samba Server\SQL\WMC Server

Raspberry Pi 2 - Is Client of all of these.

All windows kodi client installs work with no issues.

I have created hidden accounts on all windows machines “osmc/osmc” and I am still not able to access anything. I cant watch live TV or access Recorded TV or watch anything in my library. I have removed the software firewall on the Win 7 computer and I have the same results.

At this point I’m not sure what to do short of buying a mini SD card adapter so I can do a fresh install of the 4-1 image(SD card came with NOOBs already on it).