SMB library update takes over an hour since May 2016 release

Im having a problem with the SMB service. I did an upgrade from a January 16 release to the April 16 and it broke sharing, which I saw on another thread but I felt as if a new thread should be opened as the sharing is now working.
Available: Can't reach my SMB shares after the last OSMC update! - #76 by quicktime

I then updated to the May release and it seems to half work.
I can play video files from the list, but a library update is REALLY slow.
When viewing the files on the network drive, it takes a while for the system to load the directory.

In the old January release, everything was much faster than it is now. A library update would take about 5 seconds whereas now I haven’t seen it finish yet, and its been scanning for about an hour.

The problem isn’t with the network as I have been loading large files (4gb+) and the playback is fine, but only when the library is not being updated.

Running on a Raspberry Pi 2.
Accessing an Airport disk on an Airport Extreme.


I had the same issue. Other symptoms that I had were slow loading of files and I couldn’t reach my shares from other computers.

I’m not sure what is your setup, but my RPi2 is my smb server.
What I did to resolve it was:

  1. Adding the lines below to the [global] part of /etc/samba/smb.conf
    client use spnego = no
    client NTLMv2 auth = no

  2. In the same file I removed
    guest account = osmc (in global)
    guest ok = yes (for every share)

I’m not sure which of them resolved it but now my library updates (and cleans) in a few seconds as before.

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Thanks for that! I’ll give that a try!