Scraping wrong file type

Good morning! When I originally installed RC for the Rasp Pi2 last week, I made the mistake of creating a file that used SMB for my movies. I removed that file location and then added one that uses NFS. Now, when the scrapper runs, it adds the movies found twice, one with a path using SMB, and one using NFS. I am assuming there is some residual junk left in an .xml file somewhere, but I do not know where to look to edit. Can someone tell me where to look and how to edit it?


Did you attempt to clean the library?

Yes. It believes this path is legit, for some reason. Files I added last night, after making the correction scrapped twice. This is making every movie appear twice. As best I can tell from watching the last scrap, it runs through once using SMB, then repeats it and does it again using NFS even though I only have it set up currently to use NFS.

Can you paste your sources.xml please?

Sure. Where do I find that?


How do I paste it. the code commands disappear when I do a straight paste.

You ned to readd the smb source as a second source, restart Kodi then remove the smb source, you will be prompted to remove media from this source (not sure of exact wording) answer yes and then all smb media from this source will be removed from library

Did that. It is going back and re-scrapping using smb. I can not figure out for the life of me why.

Then we need to see sources.xml

I will paste it if someone provides instructions how. I loose all of the stuff in brackets when I try.

Are you using SSH? Just issue “cat /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml | paste-log” and give us the link here.

Link to where? I am a newbie. I am asking for specific instructions.

You have to tell me how you are currently accessing to read the sources.xml file so I can tell you how to give it to us.

Putty → SSH to OSMC
cat /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml | paste-log

Now what?

Issuing that command should have given you a url?

I didn’t see that the first time through.

alternatively try
paste-log /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml

Ok, so the movies are the only thing that results in errant smb entries?