Second hdmi output for sound?

Hi there, is there a chance to get a second hdmi interface connect via usb to get hd sound to my av receiver?

I’ve got an older onkyo which won’t pass hdr.
So either i get hdr or i get Atmos :frowning:

Wouldn’t a HDMI splitter make more sense?

HDMI Spillter won’t work if you want to watch 4K HDR on the TV and send the HD audio to an older amp.

For that you need something like this

A USB HDMI interface won’t work. The only option here is indeed what @SLICKRIC21has suggested or alternative devices from other manufacturers. There are some options out there…

The Egreat H10 is another possibility.

I hoped that i hadn’t to use a hd fury.
I think i have to switch my receiver.
I’m looking for a denon x3400h

Is this a ‘good’ denon: ping @Chillbo?

This Denon x3400h has anything i need.
HDR10 (HLG support with firmware update)
Analog to HDMI upscaling
Multiroom (Heros)

And today, i got my hands on a used one for 390,-€ :heart_eyes:

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