Set as default settings for all media doesn't work

Hi Sam !

The settings that should enable subtitles for all media doesn’t seem to work! I did what you told me in the mail a couple of times but the settings didn’t stick for all media I still have to set it manually for every file.

Can you take a photo of the option you’re setting?
Which skin are you using?

Looks good.

When you select another video:

  • Is Enable Subtitles for all Videos checked?
  • Is a subtitle stream available?

Can you take a photo of when it isn’t active as well as capture a debug log?


The subtle stream is available but the setting to enable subtitles is not checked in a new file.

I have to manually enable subtitles for every file, this are mkv files that contain the h264 video stream, the audio stream and the srt subtitles stream.

A photo and debug log will help here.

In a new file it says Subtitle English (1/1) - above Browse for Subtitles.but Enable subtitles is not checked.

I will provide a log tomorrow but what exactly should i do when i enable logging ? Enable subtitles in one file then Click set as default for all media confirm with OK and go to a new file to see if subs will be enabled there too ? ( They wont be that’s the the issue )

Debug log:

This is how the menu looks for every new file even if I previously enabled subtitles in an other file and set as default for all media…

Are any settings, like the Volume Amplification there persisting?
Do you experience this issue with another skin?


Yes volume and volume amplification stays the same after I set it for all files it’s only the subtitles I have to always enable for new files…

I never used any other skin. I’m using the default osmc one that was automatically set when I got the device

Update: Tried the Estuary skin and the problem persists

Ok – I’ll look into this issue, as I am unable to replicate it here streaming from a local share.

Thanks Sam !

Enabling subs for every file manually isn’t a big deal for me but I’m curious what’s causing the bug.

Is there anything I could do to help you figure this out ? I have noticed that if the file I’m playing has forced subtitles they fill get enabled automatically. If the subs however see not flagged as forced they won’t be enabled even if I previously enabled subtitles and selected as default for all media

Hardcoded subtitles means the subtitles are burned in to the video; so they will show regardless of any subtitle setting.

If you have a clip that works properly and one that doesn’t, send me a PM with a Dropbox link and I’ll look in to it.


forced subtitles arent hardcoded subtitles. Hardcoded as you said are burned into the picture of the encode.

Forced are just normal .srt subtitles that you flag as forced in mkvmerge. The player recognizes the force flag and plays them. This is mostly used if you want to sub foreign parts of an english movie for english audience.

I will send you two clips tomorrow ( is getting pretty late here too - Im an hour ahead of you )

Indeed – I just wanted to clarify that we’re on the same page.

I’ll check the two clips for you tomorrow.

In this file Subtitles will play without me enabling them.

In this file I will have to manually enable subs if i want them to play ( even if i enabled them in an other file and set the settings for all media before )

Thanks for these samples.

Just wanted to say that this issue was not fixed with yesterday’s update

Indeed. I haven’t had a chance to look at this yet but should do soon.