Set Timezone Country Based on Install Laungage

Would it be possible to set the Timezone country based on the language set at first boot?
For example if I select English UK set the timezone to British rather than having to do it manually in the settings?

Locales and language is not always the same as time zone. I am one of those cases.
I am Swedish but I have English set on all my devices.

I would in that case rather see time zone as a step in the first boot walkthrough.

Good point, hadn’t thought about that.
In that case a time zone setup would be good on first boot walkthrough

How about some scripting to prompt the user with a default based on public IP address?

Well, there obviously are cases where language doesn’t match location/time zone, but I think having to manually set the time zone only in those cases is better than having to do it always.

Adding an additional step in the setup would work, too. Maybe pre-selected based on the language, but the user being able to change it.

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This is only required once on install and i can’t see how this is such an inconvenience. I’d think that the user base as a whole would be better served by having the dev’s focus on much more pressing issues and moving OSMC closer to being a final product than to be wasting time on such a trivial issue.

Whilst I would agree that moving OSMC to a final product would be a priority, in terms of the basic idea of OSMC being a super user friendly easy to install product, I think you need to cater for the masses. Setting the time zone up during install would make a lot of sense as these days most computers/phones etc do the same and by the time the install is done the time displayed (which it is on the first menu you see after install) should be correct IMHO.

We’ll look into it