Setting Resolution on Vero

I have 2 outputs from my AV amp, one for projector and one for TV. When I switch from one to the other the resolution in Kodi sets itself to 640x480, and cannot be changed (it is greyed out in settings). Resetting the Vero will allow choice of resolution again.

Both the TV and the projector support 1080p/60 so I want to force Kodi to always use that setting by editing hdmi_mode in config.txt.

But, I can’t find config.txt in /boot on the Vero. Is the setting somewhere else?


In OSMC Settings, one of the icons gets you to config.txt in an editor window

Thank you, which icon? The only ones I have are “log uploader”, “services”, “updates”, “network”, “app store”


Vero doesn’t use /boot/config.txt, so it doesn’t have this configure tool

The issue with setting display modes has been fixed and is waiting for approval from the QA team. it will likely be pushed as an update out by 21.00 GMT.

Thanks, and sorry to hear about this issue.


Suffering from installation blur (OSMC on vero, and OSMC on RPi) -
missed the fact that there was that difference - sorry

OK, I have managed to stop the resolution from changing to 640x480 when I change output on the AV amp.

Turns out that the amp was set to output 1080p, both the projector and TV are natively 720p, but support 1080p input. As upscaling to 1080p and then downscaling to 720p seemed unnecessary I forced amp to always output 720p and set Vero to 720p.

Display problems resolved for me! If other’s are having problems it may be worth checking the route the video is taking to the display and explicitly setting display settings to match the Vero output instead of relying on any auto settings.

I do still think that the Vero is incorrectly handling this - there’s no reason for it to default to 640x480 when it gets confused. I never had problems with my sky box, laptop, old desktop HTPC, XBOX etc.

I lied, Vero still occasionally loses resolution and goes back to 640x480, it’s better than before, but still happening. No wife acceptance yet!

This seems to be fixed now, thank you!