Setup of Advanced MAME Launcher

Hi guys,

I install Advanced MAME Launcher and do not get it…
In “settings” I should enter a path for a MAME executable.

Where can I find the executable or do I need to download it?


Have the same problem on my rpi3 .
Mame emulator works for some games in OSMC game menu .

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What games are wirking for you?
What are your settings?
Whre did you get the executable from?

The original ROMs are copy write protected so where they came from cannot be discussed here.

Of course they are not discussed here!

But can you tell me what „executable path“ I habe to enter in AML settings?

I think this is where the misconception is. From my understanding (I might be wrong) AML is only designed for external mame emulators (like if you would get if you install RetrOSMC). I don’t think AML can launch the internal Kodi 18 RetroPlayer.

Thanks for the reply ! (clearer than the answer off the copyright freak !!!)
Is there no executable for the internal emulator ?
I also noticed that the internal Mame emulator open some games zip file as a folder (, others the game starts with no problems (
Any idea why ?
Advanced config XML is OK and no association with compressed files in osmc .

So do I get this right:

Do I have to install any external stuff like retropie for using Advanced MAME launcher?

@wilsnico1 no need to be rude when it comes to mods doing their job…

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